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There are these little miracles we enact everyday without seeming to notice them and then there are their secrets…

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    When we reach out our hands to someone in an affectionate hug, when we clasp them in a welcome greeting, when we console with a back rub, when we hold ourselves in grief, when we sleep with our head upon a chest – feet entwined, when we respond in kind to our parents’ embrace, when we kiss.

    Touch offers us a multitude of benefits: it’s comforting, breaks through mental disconnection, is an expression of emotion, helps us to focus, and stimulates our senses. Yet, our physical everyday moments embody more than just touch, they contain a secret language.

    These secrets are something that the system of Reiki has always noticed. It asks practitioners to think of our hands, our breath, our bodies as tools for healing. Being merely tools, however, means that they are not the healing themselves. Beyond the experience of touch other factors are at work.

    To heal is to become whole and these tools aid our healing by creating a focal point from where we begin to discover the system’s true purpose.

    When I look at a lamp, I see an incandescent globe. And from that globe emanates light. I follow its brightness yet I am never sure exactly where one globe’s light ends and another begins.

    When we practice the system we offer up ourselves – our light – to ease the world of fear and worry; we do this by casting that light consciously out alongside the dark, bringing balance back to existence. We emit a touching beauty not held back by darkness. We embrace all aspects of our humanness with honesty, ultimately living the Reiki precepts and being true to our way and our being.

    When you uncover your light, you touch people well beyond the physical realm. You make deeper connections as tendrils of your inner beauty feel their way out into the world. Your light blends with all light and, it is in this place, you understand that you have no end, no boundaries.

    Touch is important – a small miracle in itself. And, then, if we look beyond touch we see that it is teaching us about connecting compassionately. This is the secret lesson of the system of Reiki: the experiential reminder that we are the living pulsing beat of the the universe, that together or apart, touching or not, makes no difference – we all begin and continue to exist in a wholeness of the heart.


    (Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash)

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    1. Avatar of Susan Andrews

      Lovely, Bronwen – both written and spoken word.  You have a lovely, softly shining voice. Thank you,

    2. Avatar of Jim O’Brien

      Beautifully said Bronwen. Touch opens one’s heart with others in silent conversation.  I feel we are entering a time of a digital divide, losing the connection between people as we see the world more and more through a third person. The sense of touch leads to empathy, rather than apathy. A simple conversation, silently through touch or verbally…with many times less words being more meaningful, being the connection and the opening of hearts between people. Your words of touch are of what each of us need everyday.

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