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How do I describe a Reiki treatment?

This is a standard question we discuss in Reiki classes.

The answer… sharing. 

Of course, there are many avenues you can take to explain something as esoteric as the system of Reiki. It often depends upon who you are talking to as to the depth or angle we take. Yet, sharing is a word that most always comes up for me.

When you share you find yourself using, or having, something at the same time as someone else. This doesn’t necessarily mean I give you something or that you even take something, what it means is that you and I are in this space of giving and receiving together. In non-Reiki terms you can also see that when we give a gift, for example, we also receive happy endorphins that support our wellbeing. At the same time the other person receives the gift, and they also give their thanks with their endorphins flying high too. So, giving and receiving exist in this same space, they share the space together with neither one dominating or standing out, just being. If you see it this way, then there is neither giving nor receiving, just sharing. And in the sharing space we can let go and just be together without fear or judgement or worry; a true healing space.

In describing a Reiki treatment, I initially explain that I practice meditations to strengthen my core and support my body in returning to a natural self-healing space. This is ultimately a place of wholeness. In a treatment, I consciously share this healing space with my client. It is then up to the client to consciously choose to be in that space with me. These conscious moments are our shared intents. 

Intent is incredibly important in the creation of your universe. How you choose to perceive the world; whether you shine light upon its truths by peeking beneath the baggage that lays strewn upon our pasts, or whether you refuse to face those regular imperfections, it is your choice. Your universe is that which you, and only you, can see.

What you see is also what you live. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm, you as a human-being reflect the workings of your world and vice-versa. Recognise the natural flow of the world and its ancient healing ability, and mirror that flow in your existence. See how the world attempts to find its balance when we mess with it, just as you, too, are always searching out ways to return to your natural balanced state.

I explain to my clients that their body recognises this healing space and remembers how wonderfully balanced (at all levels) it feels to be in that space. If the clients allow themselves to let go of their rational mind and let their body follow this memory, the path to wholeness opens up. 

And when we talk about sharing, know that you are sharing yourself with universe just as it too shares itself with you.

And that is the beauty of a Reiki treatment. As we both give-in to nature’s flow, we share this space together and we both begin to heal ourselves and others.

That light that you shine within to look at yourself opens up space for the rays of your humanity to extend uninhibited out upon the world.

It’s all about working on yourself and remembering the joys of sharing.

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