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“The secret method of inviting blessings, the spiritual medicine of many illnesses”– Mikao Usui

“When the medicine of Esoteric teachings have cleared away the dust; True Words open the treasury.
When the secret treasures are suddenly displayed:
all virtues are apparent”– Kukai

What do you see?

For me, I see that first of all both quotes speak about “medicine” (spiritual/esoteric) and secondly both speak about “the secret” (blessings/treasure).

What is this medicine?

In Usui’s teachings the medicine is when we meditate on the precepts, meditate with the symbols and mantras, work with the breathing meditations, perform hands on healing meditations, and undergo reiju/initiation/attunement.
The term medicine also refers to not getting angry and worried, to be humble, honest, and compassionate.

What is the secret?

The secret blessings/treasure is delved into when we practice the medicine. This is when our True Self (Reiki) begins to become apparent and
all virtues are displayed. These virtues are that we do not anger, do not worry, that we are honest, humble, and compassionate.


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  1. Avatar of Seema

    Hi Frans , That’s a really nice analogy- secret medicine !
    so, its a spiritual medicine . Growing up my parents used to say the best medicines are the most bitter ones so I should drink it and will feel better. I think similarly this spiritual medicine( Reiki) is also at times can be very bitter because it brings you up close to your fears , worry , anger so you can work with them with tools provided but more you work with them more you see yourself clearer and “spiritually healthy” and see becoming “precepts” . Bitterness of the medicine is “just the process ” I think like any other medicine . Love the medicine and the bitterness 🙂

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  3. Avatar of Elly

    Hi Frans! I think that so many people have made anger and worry a staple of their lives that they don’t realize what a blessing it would be to release them and make room for the noble precepts, the “treasures.” It would feel like the euphoria that follows the ending of great physical pain, a feeling you can only experience if you have first endured the pain.

  4. Avatar of seema sahoo

    Hi Frans,
    To me spritual warrior sounds so good :).
    It gives that inner strength and drive to keep on but again its not easy to do it alone/ by yourself.We also need some one on how to fight this “war” and prcepts are the “tools” war tools” or armor.
    Hi Elly so true about the pain. In words of Rumi – “Pain is a treasure, for it contains mercies.”.
    In this case precepts initially can bring some pain, its like with anything. Pain is really vital, when some thing is not “right” with us physically our body signals with pain.Its same when we deal with emotions but we some times dont really fully feel the pain due to may be fear , worry etc. Precepts in way make you “embrace” the pain fully, recognize it and let it go !We really need to know the root of the pain in physical pain and emotional pain.Precepts I think show us to embrace the pain( treasure) for it contains the compassion, humbleness, gratitude etc( mercies) .
    On lighter side Elly- Rumi comes mind when I “see” you 🙂

  5. Avatar of Elly

    Thanks for another great Rumi quote, Seema! I think Saint Francis would agree with that. Have you read the novel about Rumi and his teacher, Shams? I can’t (alas) remember the title, but I think you’d really enjoy it!

  6. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Elly,
    I think the real blessings Usui-san is talking about is the blessing of letting go of anger and worry, and therefore as you say, we arrive in a state of euphoria or inner bliss. But letting go if this is so hard as we are so conditioned by it.

  7. Avatar of Seema

    Hi Elly,
    No I have not read it . Just read the poems here and there. Will look for it may be will come across some time.
    I know I feel better after I meditate on precepts and the day I miss them in morning I can tell some thing was different , not right then I know what it was .
    More layers in precepts , more we meditate …simple 5 lines can be so healing …that is the word power.

  8. Avatar of Kris Azzarello

    Hi Frans,

    Love the article!  Simple, concise and so helpful!  Sometimes i think it is a secret because it IS so simple; do the practices, faithfully, day in and day and you will discover the “secret” of your own true self.  Hiding in plain sight!  Thank you for this teaching.

  9. Avatar of Alice Risemberg ~ Reiki Pulse

    Very nice article and question, Frans. Thank you.

    For me the part that is intriguing is why any of it is “secret.” We carry these illusions as part of the human condition that we are separate, which creates the inner secrecy. But why?

    Thanks again.


  10. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Kris and Alice,
    I agree it is so simple that it has become a secret.

    So why is it is a secret because it is hidden within ourselves, all we have to do is to practice and it is not a secret any more. In Japan they say that the secret teachings are not really secret and that anybody can have them, but you need to work for it, practice. If you do no practice then it stays hidden, hence the word secret.

    When we look at these kind of teachings we can start to see what Usui-san practiced himself. Where his ideas came from.

  11. Avatar of Elly

    Kris, Alice, and Frans, thank you for these insights. I’m so glad I came back to this post! Frans, the concept that it is a secret because it is hidden within ourselves is just beautiful. Gassho, Elly

  12. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Elly,
    It is like looking externally for a secret treasure and only to realize that it has always been hidden inside of you.

    Many people use the symbols and mantras like secret treasures to look for something externally, but if they just use the symbols and mantras as keys to unlock their own inner hidden secret treasure it will be much more beneficial.

  13. Avatar of Aeracura

    Over the years I have been blessed enough to come to the realization that it’s our thoughts (that turn into beliefs) that are creating the reality we experience. When I think of Usui’s Principles, I can clearly recognize that he understood this too. When we think in anger towards someone, it effects our whole reality. Those subtle lines of energy are picked up by everything, people and the Universe will in turn react to us. When we send out good vibrations, ones of love, compassion and gratitude, the Universe answers.
    We truly are having a conversation with our Higher-Self every time we think a thought.
    Thank you <3

  14. Avatar of Frans Stiene

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