Returning to Shinpiden and Reiki Play Day

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Returning to Shinpiden and Reiki Play Day 3

During the last few years, most of us were confined to practicing alone or virtually. Either way, we were invited to go deeper within, expanding awareness beyond physical contact. We were challenged to release routines and explore our practices differently. And while this was a gift in unexpected ways, there was still a longing to reconnect with community; to hug, laugh, practice and share…together.

When it was announced that Frans would return to Los Angeles, after three years, I booked-in for class right away. I was excited to re-sit Shinpiden; to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends and to immerse in the beautiful essence of Reiki, as guided by our dearest teacher.

Day one, before class began, you could feel our beaming hearts, sighing with relief as we came together again. Each one of us greeted by warm smiles and hugs, immediately feeling the true expression of the precepts. We were ready.

As our three-day Shinpiden class started, Frans guided us back to the foundation, making sure we understood the deeper meaning behind Reiki, as expressed through the kanji. His words alone created direct experience, and I felt myself surrender. I was ready to experience class as a beginner, as if I had never studied or practiced before. I wanted to play, allowing myself to realize the expansiveness of the teachings. In this, I also recognized the growth and wisdom expressing through my teacher. This wasn’t the same Shinpiden class. This was new for all of us.

Release the arrow…

By day three, I felt undeniably different. I felt lighter, free…I felt Reiki beyond previous understanding and experience. I was excited that I also booked-in for Reiki Play Day, extending time and practice with Frans. It all felt so amazing that I found myself wondering what other participants were experiencing, too. Did they also experience no-thing or a sense of discovery through our meditations? Were they, like me, giving thanks to Divine Intelligence, randomly, for the space we were all sharing? Were they also observing moments of awe, realizing Reiki as…

Day four: Reiki Play Day, which has a magic all its own. Everyone is welcome and the exercises are some of my favorites. I’m pretty sure I always include this option because I love the experience of Frans chanting. It’s sound healing, but it also brings me into the teachings of being firm and flexible. I find myself in practice of directing mind into the hara, while allowing expression of my entire being in all directions. It’s an indescribable experience, initiated by sound, unified with breath…all while activating the light that IS.

Let it fall away…

You can call it Reiki, The Great Bright Light, Love…whatever you like; it’s the central focus of all his teachings. It wasn’t until I met Frans that I realized how impactful and essential it is to find a teacher that does more than inform you. Frans’ way guides students into the practice of allowing Reiki, far beyond techniques and doing (although his guidance with technique is also phenomenal).

What more will we come to understand through experience and practice? Is there anything to be understood? It’s a path I’m thankful to be on, side by side with many who are awakening through these teachings. Thank you, Frans, for handing us the arrow. I will see you, again, next year!

May all beings come to know and be true to their way.

In Gassho,


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    Thank you dear Yolanda. Your words touch my soul reminding me of the importance of being the deep inner light that I am and allowing the shades to fall off. You are a shining gem.

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