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Below are some quotes by Frans Stiene about the system of Reiki.

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The real secret of the system of Reiki is not the attunement or the symbols and mantras but your personal practice of the 5 elements of the system. These 5 elements are meditating on the precepts, meditating on the symbols/mantras, practicing the meditation techniques like hatsurei ho, performing the attunement and hands-on healing on yourself in a state of meditation.

A spiritual practice is not just about being relaxed or feeling less pain
in a damaged knee or how to do a hands-on healing on someone. A spiritual practice is about discovering who I am and how I relate to the universe and how the universe relates to me. It is about finding my true nature; my great bright light.

When we have 100% faith in our own personal practice then it doesn’t
matter what others say about it.  You wouldn’t care, get angry or
worried about that if you had 100% faith in your practice. Therefore faith is a very important element in our journey!

If I want to share Reiki (spiritual energy) with someone, then I would have to first re-discover spiritual energy within myself.

To be able to tap into the wholeness of Reiki (spiritual energy) we
need to attain supreme enlightenment. For me, Reiki means to become one with the universe, no separation, therefore it is an ongoing journey, always discovering new depths. It never stops!

The real out come of practicing the system of Reiki are the precepts.
No anger, worry and fear, feeling humble, honest and compassionate to ourselves and others.

An external teacher is there to help you to find your internal teacher.

In reality there is no beginning or end to the practice, there is just practice.

Our mind is like a mirror–it can reflect everything, the whole universe if we want it to. However, often there is too much dust on the mirror so we can’t reflect anything. The symbols and mantras are helping us to clean our mirror so that one day we can reflect the whole universe.

Just Practice.
Hope and fear are the main obstacles in our practice. Hope for a
certain outcome, an expectation. Fear that our practice is not going
well. Let go of your hopes and fears, just practice!

The 5 elements within the system of Reiki–the precepts, the
meditations, the hands-on healing, the symbols and mantras, and the
attunement/reiju–are all keys to unlock our innate compassion and

With persistent practice we will one day become the precepts, meditations, hands-on healing, symbols and mantras and the attunement/reiju. They are all fingers pointing to the moon, be careful to not get distracted by the finger/keys

The other day an existing Reiki teacher asked me: What do you experience when you meditate on the first symbol and mantra every day, for 6 months? I answered: Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself?

By being still everything is illuminated. When everything is illuminated there is no difference anymore between stillness and movement.

It is only when we connect deeper to our inner Reiki (spiritual
energy) that we can take our hands-on healing on others to a deeper

At the deepest level of a hands-on healing session on others, there is
no practitioner giving anything, no client receiving anything, and
there is also nothing to give.

To be able to embody the universe we first need to have a solid
foundation. This foundation is found in the inherent earth energy deep
within you. The word embodiment says it already, the body is our
earthly form and therefore we need to make that a strong and healthy
vessel so that the universal embodiment can take place.

All the teachings are found in nature, but most of the time we do not
recognize or see these teachings. Therefore, the first thing to do is
practice. Through our personal practice we can cast away our
blinkers and start to really see, communicate and learn with and from

Oneness is not about just becoming One with “good” things, Oneness is
about embracing both the ‘good” and “bad”, otherwise we can’t call it

Every moment of our lives we bless and get blessed by nature, people,
the universe, animals etc. The only way to recognize this is to open
our hearts, eyes and minds.

The real magic of the system of Reiki does not lay in what your
lineage is, but how deep you go into your personal practice within
the system of Reiki. You could have trained with Usui, but if you do
not practice the methods what would the difference be!

We are all spiritual energy (Reiki) already, practicing the system of
Reiki will help us to rediscover this.

To be able to show compassion to ourselves and others we need wisdom.
This wisdom is part of our innate spiritual energy (Reiki) and is
non-dual in nature, so that we can be free of judgments and
attachments when acting out our compassion. But to be able to
re-discover this innate wisdom we need to practice the system of Reiki
on a daily basis to grind away all the layers (fear, worry, anger)
which obscure this wisdom.

Presence is one of the most important elements within the system of
Reiki, no matter if we meditate or perform a hands-on healing session
on others. The opposite of presence is distraction. When we are in a
state of presence during a hands on healing session on others we might get distracted by judgements, what symbol to draw or not to draw, or analyzing the session. However, by being in a state of mind of presence we create an enormous openness and freedom where the universal energy has its own flow and wisdom.

We need to know the function of the practices within the system of
Reiki to understand why we are doing it and what kind of principals
are involved. It is not enough to just know about where to place your
hands, how to breath, or how to do the physical actions–we need to go
much deeper than this if we want to delve deeper into the system.

The system of Reiki is about empowering people not taking power over them.

Showing compassion to yourself and others is about casting aside your self-centeredness.

When we see our hands-on healing sessions from a subject/object viewpoint we are removing ourselves from the non-dual/Oneness state of mind.

The precept “show compassion to yourself and others” points towards a direct experience of non-duality. As it is only in this state of mind that we have abandoned the distinction between me and you, animals and humans etc… and therefore have the openness and wisdom to love all beings.

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    Some real gems here, Frans! Thanks for sharing them. I’ll definitely post some (with appropriate credit, of course) on my Reiki blog. If you all haven’t done a “Reiki thought for the day” calendar yet, you might consider it!

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