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International House of Reiki Special Precept Scrolls now for sale.

Reiki scroll 1 The International House of Reiki is proud to announce the Reiki Precepts Scrolls.

These beautiful scrolls of the precepts are made and exquisitely lettered in old style Japanese by calligrapher Michiko Imai, who trained in Japan from the age of four and reached mastery of her craft.

The scroll size, including the silk, is 59″ x 20″. As each scroll will be handmade, delivery time for each order will be 4 to 8 weeks.

Michiko Imai was awarded and currently hold a guild license called “Shihan” for both teaching calligraphy and instructing teachers to teach calligraphy. Her work has been displayed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Osaka Municipal Museum Of Art, Nara City Museum Of Art and Kyoto Municipal Museum Of Art.

Cost per scroll is US $300 exclusive of shipping. Total cost will depend on the destination country where your order is to be shipped.

These scrolls are wonderful to hang anywhere in your home, in your practice or teaching room. Whether a gift to yourself, or a gift to a friend or loved one, a Reiki Precepts Scroll is a gift sure to be treasured!

To order, please email Frans Stiene directly at [email protected]



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    I just received it and it is an amazing piece of work. I hanged it in my home studio and feel very grateful for it. Thank you 🙂 Veronique

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