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Reiki is a great teacher and its simplicity means to me that I can just get on with the practice and let it sink deeper and deeper within, rather than getting lost in lots of books trying to figure it out with my mind/ego.

I trained with an excellent teacher who gently saw me through lots of stages of development and to her I am very grateful.

Then, I had the chance to re-sit my Shinpiden with Frans. As with most things it happened at just the right time. I was now a peach ripe enough to hear what Frans had to say (the analogy belongs to Frans).

My intention for learning had been to be a good practitioner, so attracting lots of clients and Reiki could then be my sole source of income. Now things have done an about turn. Bearing in mind there are no givers or receivers in the concept of Oneness, it is still wonderful to ‘give’ Reiki to someone else, but now it was not my primary intention.

Frans taught us that the use of symbols and mantras were for ourselves rather than to ‘use’ on the other. This is one of the strongest messages that I came away with and it informs my daily routine.

Since Shinpiden in October (UK) I’ve meditated daily on CKR. Initially, although I could feel it within, it was an energy that appeared to come from outside and it ‘did things to me’. I’ve felt it enter all of my 3 Diamonds and once described it to Frans as how it was like Fairy Washing Up Liquid – it cuts through all the grease and grime that clings on through the years. It is helping me to become grounded and centred and is bringing a clarity, not only of my mind, but it is lifting the veils that shroud my Great Bright Light and I am in touch, more readily now, with my True Self.

Unfortunately, at present, it isn’t always apparent to those around me who are getting some of the dirty (soapy) water – left after the cleansing. I find myself doing a lot of apologising recently! Getting rid of it all, letting go of it all. Sometimes I envy Hermits as they can do this work without anyone else being in the firing line. But it will all be worth it as long as I resist the temptation to take it back.

I need to keep everything balanced by reciting the Precepts and daily concentrating on each one (a month for each one).

I spend time on the principle of ‘Do not Anger, Anger is Illusion’ because I tell myself now, every time I am a little bolshie as I let go of something else, I am letting go of the Illusion. That is a slightly different take on it, but it helps me to remember it is a phase I’m going through in order to reach what is Real.

I also practice either a Reiju empowerment or an Atunement daily (alternating weekly), and the DKM energy is reminding me of the Oneness and love that is our true Reality.

By giving myself Reiki each morning before I arise, I realise for the first time I am providing a balanced routine incorporating all of the 5 elements of Reiki. Each one is so important, and I think all the Reiki energy floating around my home is helping my husband to still love me through this phase!

So I thank the cleansing properties of CKR and the support of all the other elements as I become the person that is congruent with my true self.

And I thank my teachers for aiding the process, not just my wonderful Reiki teachers but everything and everybody in my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sandy Busby is a Shinpiden Reiki Level III graduate of the International House of Reiki from York in the UK. Her website is Tranquil Moments.

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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Sandy,
    So true, when we clear ourselves lots of dirty water will come of us and this in turn might be noticed by others. But this is fine, tell them that you are doing a spiritual practice and that you are cleaning up your stuff, so they understand.

    I also often see it like this: when you sweep a wooden floor, which has a layer of dust on it, you get dust clouds.  Or when you drive a road you hit some potholes, all of these experiences are also showing us that we are clearing away our rubbish.
    We need to accept this as well, I always say to myself, better out now then in 10 years time.

    Enjoy the journey!

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