Reiki on the Road

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For those interested in practising Reiki while travelling.

Have you always wanted to travel but your budget is a little short and you’re worried you’ll ‘feel so lonely I could die, boom boom’?

Well there’s something that you could take with you that might help; it doesn’t weigh a ton (it’ll even leave room for that extra book) and will always leave love and compassion strewn across the path behind you . You’ll have guessed by now what I’m about to suggest – Reiki! This article also applies to those who practise any healing art whether it be massage, shiatsu or acupressure.

Here’s how to set yourself up.

Cost: We suggest that you charge the local price for a massage. Remember, you don’t have to charge a lot to cover the costs of your next meal and you’ll meet really interesting, like minded people who you’ll probably end up having lunch with anyway and perhaps even travelling with. Instead of charging money you could also swap services; a massage, a painting, information, food etc.etc.

Where: Reiki can be practised anywhere though preferably in a quiet(ish) space on a comfortable something. Hmmm sounds a little vague doesn’t it? But then that’s the point – it really doesn’t matter! When you’re travelling you can do Reiki in the room of a backpackers, by the beach or in a park. Make the space more attractive by using aromatherapy (incense), candles or locally handcrafted materials.

Other ideas are to ring Health Resorts (your dream destination) and work for a month as a practitioner on a commission basis or for free board and rent.

Reiki Teachers might want to rent a space if they are staying in an area for a while and offer courses for travellers. This can be a huge success as travellers are often interested in self development.

How: Carry an A4 sheet with you that announces ‘Reiki treatments by your name’. Don’t fill in where as yet but do leave a space. When you have found a place to practise, photcopy the sheet and fill in where. This might be your address ‘Room 8, The Backpackers Inn’ or it might say ‘For more information meet me at Grandma’s for breakfast between 8 and 10 every morning’ – you eat there anyway! All you do is place a leaflet on the table so that everyone knows that it is you who they are looking for.

You can then copy this sheet a number of times and place in backpackers, hostels, restaurant windows, bus/train stations. Make sure you ask beforehand – you’ll find most locals are curious and more than willing to help your venture. If necessary offer them a free treatment!

f money’s no object and you are simply interested in practising your Reiki for the benefit of others, now’s your chance. When travelling you can become involved in the immediate community by volunteering your services. You can do this formally through the Red Cross or local hospital or just ask around and there will surely be someone who needs Reiki. This is an excellent way to meet people, understand the culture (a little bit) and spread love and compassion. Perfect!

Bon voyage!

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