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The other day I heard someone say that when we do hands on/off healing on ourselves, we switch “Reiki on” and that when we do not place our hands on or slightly off our body, we switch “Reiki off”.

For me Reiki means our True Self; we do not want to switch that off. In fact, we want to keep it on day and night. Our True Self is like a great bright light; why would we switch it off or cover it up? Let it shine day and night because it is in this brightness that healing takes place, for ourselves and for everybody and everything else.

Reiki can be directly translated as spiritual energy. Wouldn’t it be great if we can remember this spiritual energy 24 hours a day and not just switch it on when we do hands on healing?  

For me Reiki is the precepts, because we can only really embody the precepts when we lay bare our spiritual energy, our True Self, our Reiki, in its fullest.

The precepts are:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your True Self
Show compassion to yourself and others

So when we say “Reiki on”, then we are kind of saying “Switch the precepts on”. And when we say “Reiki off”, we are kind of saying that we are switching the precepts off. Reiki, spiritual energy, our True Self can not be distinguished from the precepts; they are one and the same. Wouldn’t it be great to stay in that state of mind-heart of the precepts 24 hours a day?! What a change this would make in our daily life and in our world. 

Switching Reiki on and off also comes from a very dualistic viewpoint, however when we go deeper into our own personal practice within the system of Reiki, we start to realize that there is no Reiki on and off, there is just Being Reiki 24 hours a day.

So again, for me Reiki means our True Self, like our great bright light. So why would we switch it off or cover it up? Because it is in this brightness that healing takes place, let your light shine bright both day and night!

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    Hi Frans, great article! For beginners who are not yet fully able to manifest and embody the Great Bright Light and ‘Be Reiki’, do you recommend practicing something like joshin kokyu ho or perhaps meditating on the jumon CKR whilst sharing hands on healing?

    Gassho _/|\_


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    Hi Alan,
    (from Frans) Glad you like the article. Yes, this is why Joshin Kokyu Ho is so important, also very important is to meditate on or chant the precepts. Meditation with the ckr is more a daily practice for your own, but you can also do it while hands-on healing

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