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Why is it so important to meditate if you want to do hands on healing?

Let’s first look at one of the most commonly practised Japanese Reiki meditations called hatsurei ho. Literally, hatsurei ho translates to generating a greater amount of spiritual energy – as you can see the name of the meditation says it already. By practising this meditation over and over again you begin to generate greater amounts of spiritual energy, which in turn supports your own healing and consequently the practising of hands-on healing on others as well.

The greater the amount of spiritual energy, the deeper the healing will be. 

Another reason for practising Japanese Reiki meditations is that they help you to bring yourself further into alignment with the precepts. 

Commonly taught Reiki precepts are:
For today only:
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your work and
Be compassionate to yourself and others. 

As you are aware it can be difficult “not to worry” or “not to get angry”; incorporating the precepts into your daily life is a hard task. That is why Mikao Usui did not just teach the precepts on their own but in combination with the meditations. The meditations are there to calm your mind to support the precepts, to support you in being calm so that you are less angry and worried for example.

Releasing your pent up anger and the habit of worry does not occur in one weekend course or just by receiving an attunement or reiju. It takes a lifetime of practice.

If you practice the system of Reiki you will know that it is very important to let go of any anger and worry that you might be holding before performing a hands-on Reiki treatment.

If you bring anger and worry to the treatment table then there is likely to be trouble, not just for yourself but also your client.

An example of this if you worry throughout a Reiki treatment that

  • your client doesn’t feel anything
  • your client might give you their problems
  • your client won’t be healed

The results of your worry could be that

  • you lose confidence in your ability to work with energy
  • you make hasty judgements about your clients health to falsely build your lack of confidence
  • you tell your clients information that comes not from a place of truth but from your own unresolved issues
  • you are no longer open to allow healing to take place for your client (or yourself)

All this worry is a distraction from what you are actually meant to be doing – the treatment.

The precepts are the foundation of the system of Reiki and Mikao Usui utilised meditation, hands on healing, symbols/mantras and the reiju/attunement for his students to gain a deeper understanding of them.

Without meditation the calm to focus your mind is not present and therefore your treatments will not have the calmness and focus required to make them successful.

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  1. Avatar of Lagan

    I have personally experienced since December 2012 when I did my Reiki Level II course that personal meditation is so important before Reiki. I do sense greater energy and I feel deeper and often my clients go deeper into relaxation too though that is not something I focus on.  I do not worry about things like am I doing ok?  Is the Reiki working, etc etc?  These thigs are nothing but worry and distraction and one of the Reiki precepts is:  Do Not Worry (For Today Only).

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