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It is very simple yet so profound, and at the same time difficult to embody: Reiki is Compassion.

Often we try so much to define what Reiki is or what the system of Reiki is, but in reality we can just say one word: Compassion.

Traditionally the word Reiki stands for “your True Self”, which is your innate great bright light. This light emanates a warmth, the warmth of compassion. This compassionate warmth is comforting, supportive, and healing in nature. 

When we practice hands-on healing on others, it is not really that we do it with our hands. They are just the conduits; the real healing comes from compassion.

When we practice a reiju/initiation/attunement with someone, the blessing doesn’t really come from the ritual; it comes from compassion.

When we start to heal ourselves, it is not really from all the different methods taught within the system of Reiki; they are just fingers pointing towards the moon. The real healing comes from compassion.

Why does healing come from compassion? 

Compassion is healing because real compassion comes from an open heart and mind. This openness is like space; it encompasses everything, and nothing is excluded. Thus it is as spacious as the universe. This spaciousness, this universal compassion, is full of unlimited energetic potential.

Compassion also is healing in nature because in the state of mind of compassion we do not judge, label, or distinguish.

In this state of mind of compassion there is no giver, no gift, and no receiver. No need to do anything, no need to draw symbols, no need to invoke deities, no need to direct the energy, no need to give something: just to Be. What a freedom, what a spaciousness, how compassionate this is.

We therefore can say that hands-on healing on others comes from a compassionate heart/mind.

We therefore can say that reiju/initiation/attunement comes from a compassionate heart/mind

We therefore can say that healing ourselves comes from a compassionate heart/mind

So in one way, Reiki is Compassion: simple, yet so difficult to embody. 

This also is why it is the last precept, as each one builds on the foundation of the others.

Do not be angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Practice this diligently
Show compassion to yourself and others

Mikao Usui pointed out within the precepts that before we can have real compassion for ourselves and others we need to let go of all our anger, all our worry, and be grateful for everything – “good” and “bad”. By practicing this diligently, we will one day lay bare our True Self, our innate pure compassionate heart and mind.

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    Thank you for this article, I read it on the day after my 68th birthday (which was on 3rd August!), and could feel the warmth. My thoughts on this birthday were to allow compassion to expand in my life………
    I have always felt that compassion is the “Heart of Reiki”.

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Thanks Pam,
    First of all many wishes for your birthday.
    Yes indeed the heart of the system of Reiki is compassion, so simple yet so hard for many.
    Enjoy your Reiki journey.

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  4. Avatar of Durdana Yousuf

    I really liked this blog post as it helped me ponder over this topic and compared it to emotions that are similar but not very helpful as a reki practitioner. Thank you for writing about this and this opportunity to think about it.

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