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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki Helping Brain Injury and Coma Recovery”

Allison Zopel

Allison Zopel

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview the musician Allison Zopel who, at the age of 20, was involved in a serious car accident, which resulted in severe brain injuries and soon after, a coma. Over the next 4 years she slowly came out of her coma.

Fortunately, Allison and her father were Reiki practitioners and her mother was a Reiki teacher. Her mother actually quit work to stay with Allison to support her with her recovery which occurred at home rather than in a hospital. Allison believed in self-healing and in healing through a natural process.

During her recovery period she constantly gave herself Reiki and recieved it from friends and family. During her recovery she could barely speak throughout the first 2 years, yet she found she could write to express what she was going through. She then went on to create healing music on the piano which she could not remember playing but which was fortunately recorded by her partner. Allison has already released a CD of this music and hopes to be able to continue helping those going through Coma and brain injury recovery by publishing a book of her writings during recovery.

Listen to Allison talk about:

  • How she felt inside her body during coma while receiving Reiki.
  • How her mother had to stand 2 feet away from her when performing Reiki as the sensation was so intense.
  • The depth that has been created in her life through this experience.
  • The faith in self-healing and natural healing methods that both she and her family needed to hold onto throughout this period.
  • Living and dying naturally.
  • Learning about needing to commit to long term processes.
  • Benefits of Reiki to brain injury and coma recovery.
  • Working with positive affirmations to support healing.
  • The Care Network that plays music and guided meditations on TVs in Hospitals in the USA.

Visit Allison’s website and listen to her healing music: Music From Within.

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    Excellent interview, I would recommend to anyone who has doubts about the healing power of Reiki to take a listen. Great work Bronwyn and Frans and many blessings to Alison, sending her Reiki.

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene

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