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Enjoy the energetic experience of watching Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki perform a brief demonstration Reiki treatment as we discuss the evolution of hands on healing for Reiki practitioners. This will help you understand why Reiki practitioners perform Reiki treatments in a variety of ways.

Shoden Reiki Level I is the first course that a Reiki student takes. At this level, beginner Reiki students are taught standard hand positions for healing themselves and helping others with Reiki. These hand positions cover the head, torso, and limbs. After completing their Reiki course, students continue to practice the techniques taught them at Level I.  These include energy expanding practices and meditations. As Reiki students become more experienced, their hands on healing practice also changes and they become far more intuitive.  Using intuition to perform Reiki treatments creates hand positions dependent upon each client’s mind, body and energy.

Experienced Reiki practitioners understand that each client is unique and as practitioners we need to unify with that uniqueness in each client. To work as a professional Reiki practitioner it is advisable to continue studying by completing Okuden Reiki Level II.  At this level the practitioner’s understanding of hands-on healing deepens due to continuous self-practice.  The practitioner practices the five elements of the system of Reiki; meditating on the precepts, meditating on the symbols and mantras, meditation practices, hands on healing on the self, and performing or receiving the reiju (also called initiation or attunement) to become One with their clients.  

Practitioners do not heal others. It is the state of mind of Oneness – that practitioners become adept at overtime – that creates a space in which clients perform their own healing. In other words, we can say that practitioners create a healing space for clients in which clients can begin to heal themselves.

Shakuhachi flute music by Bronwyn Kirkpatrick from her CD Moon.

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    Hi Sami,
    Yes, the deeper we go the more we start to realize that there is no giver, receiver and something to give, at this stage the giver becomes also the receiver and the receiver also becomes the giver.
    What a wonderful journey.

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    Hi Alice,
    Enjoy your treatment 🙂

    We are all interconnected, always, it is just that in our mind we feel we are separated. Separated from Reiki, separated from others, separated from nature etc.
    For me the whole system of Reiki is there to help us to realize that everything is of one taste, all interconnected.


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