Reiki for Pregnancy?

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pregnant reiki

Here’s this week’s Reiki question.

One of the questions we received through our website this week was from a practitioner who asked, “Can I do Reiki on a woman who is pregnant?”

You certainly can!

Reiki is about bringing balance to the body. It is not about manipulating, inducing or any other form of intrusive practice.

The practitioner’s intent when working on a client should simply be that the client takes whatever the client needs at that moment in his or her life. In fact, the client in this case is both the mother and baby.

Mothers and babies experience different sensations with Reiki. Sometimes it feels to the mother that the baby goes into a state of wonderful relaxation and lies low and heavy in the womb, at other times the baby becomes energetic and kicks around drawing on the energy as if it is having a bit of fun time!

If everyone (practitioner and client) comes to the treatment without expectations then the energy is allowed to do what the body wants it to do at that particular moment.

If a practitioner does not have the experience and fundamental understanding about how Reiki works and why it is non-intrusive, then we’d recommend the practitioner do a couple of things:

  1. Refer the client to a more confident and experienced practitioner.
  2. Start working on yourself and learn about Reiki by experiencing it before you practice on others. This will give you that fundamental understanding that will answer all your questions.
  3. Ensure that as a practitioner you do not try to manipulate your client energetically or hold expectations for your client’s health. Be open to allow whatever healing to occur that is required by your client.
  4. Hold this intent for yourself: I am open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this exact moment in my life.
  5. Hold this intent for your client: I am open to allow my client to receive whatever it is that she or he may need at this exact moment in their life.
  6. And you can even ask your client to hold the clear intent too that: I am open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this exact moment in my life.

If everyone in the treatment room is sure of what is happening then the energy can move clearly and freely.

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