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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki Deepening Your Yoga Practice”

Dayna Rittenburg

Dayna Rittenburg

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Dayna Rittenburg, Reiki and Yoga Teacher from New York City.

After experiencing serious bouts of depression in her life, Dayna studied the system of Reiki which gave her huge emotional release. Dayna went on to become a Reiki teacher and was stimulated into looking at other practices which could help her live her life well and support her on her path to realisation. Yoga soon becoma a very important part of her practice with Dayna eventually becoming a Yoga teacher.

Dayna noticed that in the modern world Yoga is often considered to be a physical practice while the system of Reiki is an energetic one. The thought of blending the two to support a Reiki practitioner’s and a Yoga practitioner’s practice came to her and she began to develop courses to do just that.

Some of her courses to date which look at supporting the Yoga practitioner’s inner journey with Reiki are:

  • Deepening Your Practice with Reiki
  • Heart Healing Hatha
  • The Energy of Assana
  • Healing Touch Yoga

Dayna believes that it can be a great challenge for people to de-stress and relax today and the bringing together of these two practices is an excellent way to support individuals with this.

Dayna’s website.

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