Reiki and your Unborn Child

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Frans relates his experiences of practising Reiki on his daughter when she was in the womb


We were living and teaching Reiki in Darjeeling, India, when we decided to try for a child. Straight after conception I placed my hands on Bronwen’s sacral chakra, the area of the ovaries and a tremendous heat was channeled into the womb and it felt as of I was helping the seeds of life. This was the first contact that I had with my child because we soon realised that Bronwen was pregnant. After a 10 year relationship we had imagined that it would take a much longer period before she became pregnant, but we were now both sure that the Reiki energy was helping to speed things up.

I decided to do a daily Reiki session on our baby. It began to feel as if I was a part of the baby and of Bronwen, who had a deeper connection than I did with our new child. When I placed my hands on the womb I immediately sensed a beautiful energy streaming into our baby and I felt overwhelmed with emotions which I never knew I had.

I would love to promote Reiki as a means of helping couples to cope with pregnancy and as a way of supporting husbands to become more involved as this is a special time for sharing and communicating with each other, for all three of you.

During childbirth I also used Reiki as a technique for releasing tension and stress (when Bronwen allowed me!).

For me it felt like I was more a part of the pregnancy and birth. When our baby finally arrived and we touched each other’s skin it was with recognition as we had already known each other’s energies.

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    Thank you for sharing such an informative blog.
    It had helped me understand Reiki’s importance for the betterment of our mental, physical and emotional health.

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