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      • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki and Traditional Japanese Ways”


    Frans Stiene discusses with Jiryo Sensei his experiences with traditional Japanese ways and relates them to the system of Reiki.

    Jiryo Sensei was born in London and now resides in Australia where he is creating the first Australian centre of Tendai Buddhism. Throughout his life he has studied in depth many traditional Japanese ways including judo, karate, and aikido as well as Shintoism. The teachings of Love, Peace and Harmony, the philosophy of Ai and Ki and the Taoist/Shinto philosophy of In and Yo lead him to Japan where he trained in Takemusu Aiki with one of Japan’s highest ranked Shinto priests and Aiki sensei. He received both Shihan and Renshi licences and the rank of 6th Dan.

    Today he is a personal disciple of Tendai priest Jion Sensei (see podcast Reiki and Tendai Buddhism and is studying towards ordination as a Japanese priest.

    Frans Stiene discusses with Jiryo Sensei:

    • The principles of Aiki.
    • The importance of the hara in traditional Japanese practices.
    • The concept of kotodama being universal sound.
    • Hints for Reiki practitioners who wish to work with kotodama.
    • The all encompassing Tendai theme of form and formlessness.
    • Thoughts on a student’s attitude when working with traditional practices.
    • How to get the best results from traditional teachings.
    • Letting your light shine in the world.

    Visit Jiryo Sensei’s website: Tendai Australia

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