Reiki and the Healing Power of Mantra Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki and the Healing Power of Mantra”

Julia Claire

Julia Claire

The power of the sound of the universe is reflected in how healing traditions around the world work with mantras, including the system of Reiki. Find out about the experience of mantra through Julia Claire – ex-pop singer, Yoga teacher, professional singer and dancer and Reiki teacher who lives in Spain.

Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Julia about how after a near-death experience she became involved with mantra and what effect it has had on her life and that of her audiences.

Julia talks about:

  • how Reiki helped her realise the duality of her life
  • how Reiki influenced the style of music she performed taking her from pop singer to creating songs with the healing power of mantra
  • how unblocking the subconscious through Reiki supported her music career
  • the practice of chanelling energy through to her audience as she sings
  • the true experience that singing mantra and performing dance meditations can bring
  • the healing vibrations of mantra
  • her own personal healing that she experienced through mantra
  • the source of energy that she works with
  • the power of group healing work
  • personal revelations and discovering the meaning of a mantra through its use

To end the podcast off Julia sings a moving prayer of blessing for The Reiki Show’s listeners.

Here is a link to Julia’s website.

Listen to Julia’s music on her myspace site.

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