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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki and Sick Kids”


Graham King

When our kids are sick and in hospital and we feel powerless within the machinations of a medical institution – wouldn’t it be a saving grace to have someone supporting you, your child and your entire family with Reiki? Today, some amazing Reiki practitioners are employed to do just this. Frans and Bronwen Stiene interview Graham King, a professional Reiki practitioner who works 26 hours a week in a pediatric oncology ward and a teenage cancer unit in the UK. Graham also has a private practice which includes offering continued support for children from the hospital wards he has worked on. Graham discusses: What kids think about Reiki Explaining Reiki to children How to approach children with Reiki The length of Reiki treatments for children Differences between treating children and adults Reiki and amputations Understanding a family’s “cancer journey” Skills needed for working with children The BBC documentary on Graham’s work with children The Sam Buxton Sunflower Trust that is employing practitioners in UK hospitals. Here is a link to more information about the BBC Documentary on Reiki with Children in Hospital featuring Graham King. Here’s the information about the truely STAR-STUDDED fundarising event in the UK organised by the Sam Buxton Sunflower Trust to raise money to get Reiki practitioners into hospitals: The Sunflower Jam Graham’s wife, Angie Buxton King, has also written a book called The NHS Healer: Buy The NHS Healer here. Visit Graham and Angie’s website: The Beacon of Healing Light.

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