Reiki and Seichem with Patrick Zeigler Podcast

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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Reiki and Seichem with Patrick Zeigler”

Patrick Zeigler

Patrick Zeigler

In 1980, American Peace Corp worker, Patrick Zeigler, spent a night in the Great Pyramid of Giza which lead him to eventually develop an energetic practice called Seichim (also known as Seichem, Sekhem, SKHM). Patrick has been influenced by Sufiism and other energetic practices and since the mid 1980s Seichim has often been taught as an adjunct to the system of Reiki although not by Patrick himself. Today Patrick lives in New Zealand and calls his teachings SKHM (in line with the Egyptian spelling of the word).

In this interview Patrick explains:

  • The real origins of Seichim.
  • His Egyptian and Sufi connections.
  • The link between the system of Reiki and Seichim.
  • His Reiki experience with Barbara Weber Ray.
  • T’Om Seaman and Phoenix Summerfields’ teachings of Seichim.
  • His feelings about the evolution of Seichim.
  • Was Seichim always interconnected with Reiki and should it be?
  • How Seichim was developed into Tera Mai which was then developed into Karuna Reiki.
  • His focus on emotional healing.
  • How he deals with the different ideas about Seichim.

Visit Patrick’s website: All Love

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