Reiki and Being Mindful

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Within the system of Reiki, there are many teachings about being mindful. Let’s take a look at one very important element within the system of Reiki.

Let’s look at the precepts:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your being
Be compassionate to yourself and others 

As you can see, the precepts are all about being mindful.
When do we get angry and worried?
When we are not mindful.

When are we not grateful, not being true to our way and our being, and not being compassionate?
When we are not mindful.

But now we have to ask ourselves, what does that mean, that we are not mindful? What does being mindful mean?
Mindful means aware. Thus being mindful means to be aware.
But simply saying, “I am mindful; I am aware.” is not enough to truly understand what it all means.

Now we have to ask ourselves yet another question: if we need to be aware, what must we be aware of?
If we are angry and worry, if we are not grateful, not true to our way and our being, and not being compassionate, what is the key thing that is escaping our awareness?

It is our true essence, our Reiki, our inner great bright light! If we are truly aware of our true essence, that we are Reiki, then we will be in a state of no anger and worry, we will be grateful, true to our way and our being, and we will be compassionate to ourselves and others.

Mindful also means bearing in mind.

Thus we can say that the real outcome of practicing the system of Reiki is bearing the precepts in our mind 24 hours a day. We are bearing in mind to not anger and worry, to be grateful, to be true to our way and our being, and to be compassionate to ourselves and others. By bearing the precepts into our mind all day and night long, we can bring that key thing, our true essence, back into our awareness. And we can start to really embody Mikao Usui’s teachings in all we do.

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