Reiki and Acceptance

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When we delve deep into the system of Reiki, we rediscover acceptance.

Acceptance is a very important element in healing ourselves and helping other people to heal themselves. Without acceptance, we start to fight and struggle with ourselves and others.

Let’s take a look at the precepts:

Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your true self
Show compassion to yourself and others

When we perform hands-on/off treatments with someone else we have to do this from a place of acceptance. If we feel the need to protect ourselves during a session, then there is no acceptance. Protecting ourselves comes from a place of fear and worry, a place where we do not accept our clients for who they are. Thus the more we let go of our worry and fear, the more we start to accept others. The more we accept others, the more freely our energy flows and the more open spaciousness we can offer our clients to start healing themselves.

But of course this also reflects back to ourselves. Often we do not accept ourselves for who we are and where we are at in our personal practice and life. If we do not accept ourselves, if we are always fighting with aspects of ourselves, this in turn creates anger, worry, and fear.

Accepting ourselves is like placing ourselves and our issues in an open hand, the open hand of acceptance. For example, when we have a disease, we often fight with it and this creates worry, fear, and anger; this kind of fighting is a struggle between us and the disease. And in this fight we are holding our issue in a tight fist, the closed fist of struggling. When our fist is closed, our mind is closed and thus our energy is not flowing freely. But when we open the hand of acceptance, our mind also becomes more open and our energy starts to flow more freely. This free flowing energy therefore will create a better environment for healing to take place.

Accepting is therefore intertwined with being grateful. Being grateful means accepting everything that comes our way no matter what. This kind of gratefulness comes from our open expanded compassionate state of mind, which includes everybody and everything. Or in other words, this kind of acceptance is compassion.

Being compassionate to ourselves and others is all about acceptance: accepting ourselves with all our “good” and “bad” issues and accepting others with all their “good” and “bad” issues. Good and bad are between “” marks to remind us that when we go deeper into rediscovering our True Self we start to see that we are all a great bright light, no matter what our outer layers are. And when we start to see this great bright light in ourselves and others, then there is no more division and pure acceptance is born.

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