Rachel’s Story of Cancer and Reiki

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Rachel’s Story of Cancer and Reiki 3

A story of Reiki, friendship and cancer

I completed your Reiki I last June shortly after you had moved to the Newtown centre. I enjoyed it immensely and met some wonderful people. A few weeks after my course and just after experiencing wonderful effects Reiki had on myself, my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I treated her with Reiki the night before she had the operation to remove the cancer. She was distracted and the Reiki calmed her and she told me it helped her sleep. I then went on to give her a Reiki session more or less once a week for the next 8 months. As well as keeping her calm and facing the challenges of chemo and her future with a positive attitude it really moved our friendship to a different level. Throughout her recovery period she was reasonably well and strong, only feeling the effects of the chemo at the very end of her treatment.

It has been an amazing spiritual journey for us both during the last 8 months, Reiki has bonded us together in a way that may not have ever happened. Working on her scalp as the hair grew back was amazing, I remember it first as a clean shaven head like a buddha, then cradling her head through varied hats, bandanas, wigs, then little by little her hair returned until at last I was holding a head of beautiful curly hair!

Reiki has not only helped me assist her with her healing process but also sealed a wonderful friendship. My friend and I truly believe that if Reiki hasn’t cured her it has certainly enabled her to get through a very difficult time where she may have felt very alone and possibly felt a lot more unwell. It has been a truly wonderful experience for both of us and Reiki has really been an amazing gift.

Thank you.

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