A Profound Lesson from my Kittens

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I’ve learnt a profound lesson from my adopted kittens. I have never thought of REALLY letting go in my Reiki practices, even though I understood that I somehow had to let go. But how could you possibly let go and still feel the energy? Surely, I am meant to actively feel the energy so that I can understand and remember the sensations. Surely, I must remain in control during my practice to generate and sense the energy. How wrong was I! My ten month old kittens taught me a big lesson…

One day during my routine Reiki practice, I noticed that my two kittens were sitting around me. So I thought, maybe they wanted some Reiki. At that time, I was actively chanting one of the Reiki symbols, and I realised that that particular symbol may not be applicable to them. I didn’t know what would be best for them nor what they needed at that point in time. So, I thought I should just let go and let reiki and the cats decide. I stepped back from the control seat and let Reiki take control. Immediately, rushes of energy started buzzing through my body. I have never felt something like this before in my 4 years of practice. I was taken to a timeless, peaceful space, and I realised that’s what “no thought” and “being in the moment” meant.

When I opened my eyes, I saw one of my kittens looking at me with bewildered eyes. She made a “trrrr” noise, and came over to sniff my hands. Then she sat down against my legs and made herself comfortable for a hands on treatment, purring in her little cute way.

Wow! What a profound lesson the kittens have taught me. I am a mere conduit, and my intelligence is not comparable to that of reiki. (So much for being a logical intelligent person, specialising in building complex financial models!!) My mission is to keep myself clear so that I provide a good path for Reiki to travel through my body. I won’t necessarily know what the patient or situation actually needs at that time, but that’s not my purpose. I am only a facilitator. Reiki is the healing force. I felt so humbled when I made that realisation.

(Grace Tam is a Shinpiden student of the International House of Reiki from Australia)

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