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Here I was, driving along the freeway, listening to uplifting music, and minding my own business, when all of a sudden I looked outside at the rolling hillsides and the entire scene just POPPED. Or rather, I popped into the scene. It was like the chalk-drawing segment in the movie, Mary Poppins. I was totally immersed within the hillside. I could smell the dried grass; I could feel my feet on the Earth; I could hear the birds singing in the trees.

But it was more than a feeling of being right there. I could actually feel myself BEING the dried grass, swaying in the wind. At the same time, I was the wind itself. I was the Earth, vibrant and alive. I was the trees, breathing in and out. From this vantage point, the colors, textures, and sounds were much more intense. It wasn’t three-dimensional, but more like six!

In the next moment, I was back in my car, driving along the freeway again. Everything looked flat and dull. It was as if I was now a character in a book…two-dimensional. As I pondered what had taken place, I came to the conclusion that I had popped into the space of Oneness. My “I” had totally disappeared; there was no separate “them.” Everything was completely connected and in communion, and I was a part of that oneness.

It has been a few weeks since that extraordinary event, and I can still feel that unity…that oneness…in the core of my being. I’ve driven past that spot a few times since, chuckling to myself as I tried to re-create that moment. No, this was a unique gift, perhaps a foreteller…just a little peak into what is possible. All I can do is continue to be diligent with my spiritual practice, uncover barriers, heal my self…drink water, and keep going.

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    Just read this quote in one of my Taoist books:

    If practitioners of the Tao know about following the course of creation, they practice in reverse, returning the myriad to three, returning the three to two, returning the two to one, returning the one to nothingness. Then that which is beyond the senses is reached.
    Understanding Reality – Chang Po-tuan (translated by Thomas Cleary)

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