Ponderings on Hiroshi Doi’s interview in the Reiki News Magazine March 2015

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There is a wonderful interview with Hirsohi Doi in the March Reiki News Magazine that points out the importance of dedicated practice in developing one’s Reiki efficacy. I find his comments very important to help us to understand that the system of Reiki is not a magic trick that anyone can perform well. Rather, it is a system of practices that seek to heal our state of mind. It is our healed state of mind that creates the space of infinite healing potential.

The first important point is stated in this quote from the article:

The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai puts special emphasis on the above, explaining in their terms: ‘To develop the pipe of Reiki.’ For this purpose, the Gakkai encourages its members to attend 修養会 Shuyo-kai, now called 研究会 Kenkyu-kai (class), to receive Reiju as many times as possible, to exercise Hatsurei-ho (the exercise to accelerate Reiki flow), to consider the Gyosei (waka poems) of Emperor Meiji as food for Kokoro and to uphold Go-kai (the Five Reiki Principles).

We can see from this statement that we have to develop our flow of Reiki through the meditation practices like Hatsurei-ho and receiving many Reijus. This means that it is not just receiving one or a few Reiju/initiations/attunements that develops the flow of Reiki. Developing the flow of Reiki is about Anshin Ritsumei: remembering our innate great bright light, our True Self. It is only in that state of mind that our innate great bright light/Reiki flows freely.
Hiroshi Doi points this out himself in this interview as well, when he discusses the need to, “enhance the resonance of inner Reiki with the Universal Reiki.” 

He goes on to say, “The practice of healing allows us to develop the ‘pipe’ of Reiki, and it raises the purity of Reiki within us. The purer internal Reiki we have, the more resonance with the Universe we have. In this way, we get close to the complete oneness with the Universe. I believe this is the most important factor of Reiki practice.”

Doi-san points out that the purer our internal Reiki is, the more we become in union with the universe. This internal Reiki is our True Self, because it is only through remembering our True Self that we start to resonate with the entire universe. But to be able to have this direct experience we need to heal ourselves through dedicated practice. This is were the real secret of the system of Reiki is, not just one or a few reijus/initiations/attunements, but a dedicated meditation practice. 

Doi-san makes another important point in the quote below:

Usui Sensei did not give additional healing trainings but I heard that he often taught classes about a Shihan’s mental attitude in order to improve one’s teaching methods when teaching about healing to the members. Though his one-on-one Shinpi-den lecture did not include healing training, I also heard that Usui Sensei’s mentorship greatly enhanced the healing ability of many of the Shinpi-den practitioners, as it strengthened their resonance with the Universe and encouraged the awareness that a human is the small universe derived from the Great Universe.

Doi-san points out that Mikao Usui didn’t give additional hands-on healing training but focused on the mental attitude of the Shinpiden student. This is clearly reflected within the precepts which solely talk about our mental attitude. We could say that the whole system of Reiki is about a specific state of mind: the mind in which we realize that we are the universe and the universe is us. When we improve our mental attitude, letting go of anger and worry for example, we start to create a greater flow of energy within us. This greater flow of energy will be of benefit when we perform hands-on healing on others. 

As Doi-san points out, he heard that Mikao Usui’s one-on-one mentorship greatly enhanced his Shinpiden students’ healing ability. Why would that be? Because when we start to remember our True Self/Reiki we start to remember our unification with the universe. This unification with the universe creates a tremendous amount of healing potential. However this can only take place when we have the direct experience of it. We must not only intellectually grasp this concept, we need to embody it. Such embodiment can only come through dedicated practice with the tools Mikao Usui left us.

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