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Mikao Usui was doing an intense 21 day meditation practice on Mt Kurama in which he had an enlightened experience. This kind of 21 day meditation practice is very difficult and hard to do. You need to have had lots of prior training and direct experiences before you can undertake something like this.

According to a book by John Harvey Gray, Mrs Takata told Gray that she had met practitioners of Mikao Usui’s teachings in Japan. She stated that the system of Reiki they practiced took years to learn, was intertwined with religious practices, and was highly complex.

Pondering this, I started to imagine how I might react if I had an experience like Mikao Usui’s on Mt Kurama. If I did, then I would know that what I was practicing worked, and I would love for other people to have that direct enlightened experience as well. So I would teach that kind of practice, right?

For me this means that Mikao Usui would have taught some of his students the methods he was practicing on Mt Kurama. To me that is really what Mrs Takata was pointing at: something highly complex that took years of training and was intertwined with religious practices.

We all know there is no short cut…

According to Hiroshi Doi, Mikao Usui taught the way to satori very intensely to some of his Shinpiden students, one on one.

Thus, in a way Hiroshi Doi is also pointing to Mikao Usui teaching his own personal practice to some of his students who were ready to take that step.

This all really means that there is so much more to Mikao Usui’s system then we know…..

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      Hi Graig, That is the perfect question in a way. Many different answers I think, yes and no. It all depends if we are walking the path to Satori ourselves and if we are not pretending to be awakened etc.. Thus we need to be honest about our own journey, the best way is to hold hands together and walk the path together.

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    Contemplating, pondering and meditating about Reiki in all its rich ways makes me wonder if we ever could come close enough to even stand in the shadow of Mikao Usui. There are days I feel great about it. and there are even more days I feel exhausted with the thought that even touching that level of spiritual insight seems nearly impossible.
    Sure enough, I have my thoughts and ideas about this wonderful practice. Sure enough I feel I will never even get a glimpse of the true master level.

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      Hi Boudewijn, we can see an important element within the system of Reiki which points out that we are Buddha’s – Great Bright Lights already. Which means we have to start from this view point and then practice. We often start the practice from the view point that we have to gain something, we have to get somewhere. But within the system of Reiki we first say, we are the great bright light already and then practice.

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