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Within Shoden level I the most important elements to practise on a daily basis are Joshin Kokyu Ho, meditations on the precepts, and performing hands on healing on yourself. To get the most out of your personal practise these elements need to be worked at on a daily basis. The more we practise, the more we find out who we truly are.

Within Okuden level II you begin to take your daily meditation practise a step deeper with the Japanese Reiki meditation of Hatsurei Ho as well as meditating on the symbols and reciting the mantras. Beginning new practises doesn’t mean stopping with the initial Shoden practises however, as these are the foundation for a healthy Okuden practice. At this level, with your heightened energetic experience, you may begin to perform hands-on healing on others, moving towards becoming a professional practitioner if you so desire. Your improved abilities, in relation to hands-on healing, come about due to your personal practise which has given you greater insight into your self and energy in general as well developing your energetic connection.

Within Shinpiden level III you move yet again a step deeper into your technical and energetic understanding of the system of Reiki. At this point your practise becomes more serious, it becomes more than a hobby or something you have a go at once in a while.
At the Shinpiden level, ideally you create a dedicated daily practise that includes all five elements of the system of Reiki; the precepts, meditations (Hatsurei Ho/Joshin Kokyu Ho etc…), meditating on the symbols and mantras (for your own self development), practising and performing the reiju/attunement (performing these will also help you to go deeper into your own spiritual practice), and performing hands on healing on yourself. Besides your daily personal practise at this level you might feel drawn to share your knowledge by teaching others, although many people just practise Shinpiden as a spiritual journey and not necessarily as a means to become a teacher.

These practises may also be adjusted depending on the individual student’s needs – which is why it is essential to keep in contact with your teacher.

We see the system of Reiki as a spiritual practise, a personal spiritual practise.

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    Hi Frans, yes daily spiritual practice is like knowing some thing every day about yourself .
    I think some times we forget that , some times due to our own issues , ego or some times we think we can just receive it by itself , I am sure that is really true when it comes to a spiritual practice like Reiki I think one has to work for it .
    Reading this book – everyday Tao living with balance and hormony and there is one nice teaching written about “asking” , so timely .

    “You ask in order to enter the spiritual gate.
    Those who want to study spirituality go to a master.  Those who go to a master must inquire.  When one wishes to hear the temple bell, one must lift the stick.  When one goes to an oracle, one must ask a question.  Those would want to enter a spiritual path must first ask.”

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  3. Avatar of seema

    “yes engaging and not judging”—I still don’t understand true meaning yet of this as it hasn’t reached its home yet.

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