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by Frans Stiene

Open mined narrow minded
Open Minded - Narrow Minded 3

We often wonder what the outcome is of practicing the system of Reiki. And what is the most important thing we start to experience?

The most important element within the system of Reiki is that we start to become more open minded. When we are more open minded we become more inclusive in our kindness and love. Normally our kindness and love is very narrow minded; we may only like a specific group or kind of people, and therefore our kindness is subject to change. It changes according to our circumstances or conditions we place on it.

But if we are more open minded, our kindness becomes stable and does not change according to circumstances. It does not come with conditions. We are kind to everybody and everything. This stable open mindedness is important if we want world peace, as world peace can only truly happen when we all lay bare a kindness and love which does not change according to our circumstances.

But that is not easy and that is why within the system of Reiki, we have the precepts. The precepts show us a path to becoming more open minded. First we have to let go of our anger and worry; when we soften our anger and worry, we can start to feel more and more grateful. By feeling more grateful about all aspects of our lives, we start to slowly become more true to our way and our being. The more we progress on this path, the more we start to lay bare an unchangeable kindness to ourselves and others.

Therefore, we also can look into the mirror of our practice and check to see if we are practicing in the right way. When we look into this mirror we can ask ourselves: “Am I becoming more open minded” or “Am I becoming more narrow minded? This is a question we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis so that we can see if we are still on the right track with our practice. Are we becoming more inclusive or more exclusive?

If we start to see that over time all the actions we are doing today, just for today, are infused with this open mindedness, then we are on the right track.

However, if we start to see that we are becoming more narrow minded, then that is a sign that we have lost the track of our practice and are not heading down the path we want.

As the teachings point out, when we become more narrow minded we also start to be more angry and worried; therefore, we start to be less grateful. And through this we can not be true to our way and our being, which in turn makes us less kind to ourselves and others.

Therefore, especially if we want to experience peace in this world, we must keep checking the path of our practice and correct the course if needed.

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