Oneness of Reiki and True Self

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Hello, Konnichiwa, Bonjour, Hola, Namaste….G’day.  These common, simple greetings carry various cultural connotations, rules and perspectives.  Hello with a handshake, Konnichiwa with a deep bow, Bonjour with a French accent, Hola with a smile, Namaste with prayer hands and G’day to a mate!  Although seemingly varying in its lingo-cultural composition, what makes them truly universal is not only the meaning, but the internal heart/soul that resides in those that express them. One true intent of compassionate greeting, different expressions….as Gandhi said “we are all climbing different sides of the mountain..but heading to the same place”.

So it is with Reiki.  Reiki is no different from ones True Self, or True Nature – Just different expressions of the same thing.  We were born with True Nature within us.  We are True Nature as much as we are Reiki.  We just need to realign ourselves back to it again. If we are able to access Reiki to its fullest, we will have touched our True Nature in its entirety.  In reacquainting our selves with Reiki, Reiki itself becomes the means and the goal. It is the guiding torch of spiritual energy that helps us reattain Reiki, our True Self.  If you touch upon your True Self, you will realize your spiritual energy/Reiki.

Kami no Kokoro (Japanese: translation – Heart/Soul of God) is another expression of our True Self.  In Japan, it is often believed that God’s heart/soul permeates in every aspect of life pointing to the Kokoro (Heart) that needs to be sustained by us in reaching the Kami(God – True Self) .  That Heart of the God is no different than Reiki, True Self, the Reiki Precepts or Dai Kômyô.  They are all means and the goal to reclaim what is innately ours.  

External verbiage can be confusing, but everything is within us. If we delve deep into ourselves, we will experience the internal oneness of these expressions. Your Reiki, True Nature, True Self and Kami no Kokoro will all lead you there.

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