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After practicing the system of Reiki about seven years, I was fortunate enough that two wonderful friends and fellow practitioners were able to book Frans to teach in Cincinnati, Ohio where I live (what a dream come true for me). I read “The Japanese Art of Reiki” in 2007 and felt a stirring of some missing pieces fall into place.

Since July 2011, I have moved deeper in my understanding of the system of Reiki and become more in tune with my great, bright light, my true nature. Although I was shinpiden level when I met Frans, his approach and teachings filled in all the gaps and missing puzzle pieces for me.

For at least two years before our meeting, I felt somewhat stymied in my practice because of all the techniques and westernized “rules” I learned previously – I felt a void. Although I understood and experienced the holistic benefits of practice, I intuitively knew there was something missing.

Little did I know that what was missing were very basic, straightforward spiritual facets of the system. And, alas Frans provided those missing pieces and continues to do so through his informative posts and emails. As energy is dynamic and we are always changing, each of the two times I sat for shinpiden with Frans were different but very much the same in that the spiritual messages and focus remain constant, but the flow is present to the time of our gatherings and dynamic flow of myself and all participants.

In the two years since I began studying with Frans I have experienced challenging life situations as well. In learning to be Reiki and approaching my practice with firmness and flexibility, I have grown incredibly with regard to my spiritual development. I can, more easily be in “that place” – the bright light – through my consistent practice. Often the effects of being Reiki are subtle and I feel myself move through daily challenges without worries and fear, and I can move away from anger through focusing on the light rather than external circumstances.

I taught the system of Reiki prior to meeting with Frans. After practicing with his guidance, I have submerged myself into a very focused practice to enhance my understanding and spiritual development. I now feel so much better prepared to present the system of Reiki to others through really feeling and living the five elements of the system for myself.

Granted, my path continues and almost every day I encounter new revelations. I am more self-assured now, than I’ve ever been and truly understand the meaning of approaching my practice with self-responsibility. As I become the Reiki we all need to be in this world, I feel the expansive flow touching others through my interaction with them.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with Frans and Bronwen, and all the wonderful people I’ve encountered through the connection!

You can contact Denyce at Center Through Reiki

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  1. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Denyce,

    Glad you are enjoying your journey. I know there are so many rules that we can never find spiritual freedom.

    The deeper we go within our our true self/Reiki the more we can let go, until one day we realize spiritual freedom.


  2. Avatar of Sundar Kadayam

    Denyce – to me, the manner in which you very simply use the language of “being Reiki” says all that needs to be said about your preparedness to teach the system of Reiki.  Kudos!

  3. Avatar of Anjani

    Hi Denyce, your story is inspiring. I have myself been through changeling situations and Reiki has given me much strength. As you beautifully put it ‘Being Reiki’ gives us new light, new revelations and new opportunities everyday. I wish you a great future with Reiki.

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