Menschen  Reiki?

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“The language we use to describe our reality influences our thinking about it, and the problem with regard to ourselves as ‘fundamentally different’ is that it reinforces an approach that separates us as something from the rest of the world because   to see us as part of it. “

– Ted Cadsby

Another day, someone at a Reiki conference asked me if I practiced “human reiki.” He said, “Well, there are Crystal Reiki, Nature Reiki, Animal Reiki, Angel Reiki etc. So, what you are doing must be ‘Human Reiki’?”

Ich erklärte ihm, dass ich nicht Menschen-Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Natur Reiki, Tier Reiki noch Engelreiki praktiziere. Ich erklärte ihm, dass ich ….”Reiki” praktiziere.

Einfach übersetzt, bedeutet das Wort Reiki spirituelle Energie, deren Natur in ihrem Ursprung non-dual ist. Dies bedeutet, dass es keinen Unterschied gibt zwischen der spirituellen Energie , die in einem Kristall existiert, in der Natur, in einem Tier, einem Engel etc. … wir sind alle dasselbe, grossartige helle Licht, dieselbe spirituelle Energie, dasselbe Reiki.

“Alles im Universum beinhaltet Reiki ohne jede Ausnahme.”

– Notiz eines Schülers von Mikao Usui überliefert von Hiroshi Doi.

Further up you can also see that I have put “practice” in quotation marks. Because, in my opinion, I practice the Reiki system; I practice the Reiki system to remind myself that I am Reiki, that I am spiritual energy.

So in the language that describes our reality (which, remember, influences, how we think about it) there are   two ways to look at it, aG’day, kjhosting3c3ec08fd0f530eccdc57c4c21510bfb?s=26&d=mm&r=gnd two ways to use the word Reiki. There is the word meaning Reiki as spiritual energy, and there is the word meaning of the system Reiki, which consists of 5 elements: the rules of life, meditation, healing by laying on of hands, symbols / mantras and Reiju / attunement / initiation.

By practicing the Reiki system, we can begin to expose our innate Reiki, and we can begin to understand that everything in the universe involves Reiki, without exception! And just as Ted Cadsby puts it, we begin to realize that we are part of the world and not separated from it, not separated from anything in the world that we can see, hear, taste, smell, touch or experience.

As I see it, the core of the Reiki system and the core of Reiki itself are the rules of life:

Do not be upset

do not worry

Be thankful

Be truly on your way and in your being

Show compassion for yourself and others

These rules of life are universal, and therefore they do not change, whether you are practicing with a human, a crystal, in nature, with an animal, an angel, or anyone / anything. Consequently, I simply ‘practice’ Reiki.

Personally, I also believe that when we say that there is a difference between Crystal, nature, animal or angel, we begin to separate ourselves from everything else; We think and feel different from those around us. But for me, the essence of the Reiki and Reiki system is to remind us that we are all the great bright light; we are all basically the same. The more we say that we are different, the more we begin to enter a space of anger, anxiety, fear, and not being thankful, truly on our way and to our being, and especially not compassionate to us and others.

A human being is an animal, part of nature. But we are different from the rest of nature. We classify other animals and living beings as nature, as if we ourselves were not part of it. Then we ask, “How should I deal with nature?” We should deal with her, as with ourselves …! Harming nature means harming ourselves and vice versa. “

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh says that this is very basic; instead of classifying and delimiting ourselves, let’s deal with nature and the animals (and everything else we encounter)   , how we treat ourselves. We are nature!

This is the reason why Mikao Usui went to the mountains; He wanted to rediscover that he was nature, not a separated human being, but part of everything-unity! Darm called his system Usui Reiki Ryoho: Usui’s Metgode to remind everyone that Reiki includes: non-duality. He did not call it Crystal Reiki, Naturreiki, Tierreiki, Engel Reiki, or anything else – just Usui Reiki Ryoho.

This is one of the reasons why the International House of Reiki never found it fitting to create a specific Reiki system brand and why we still say that we teach Usui Reiki Ryoho.

“We talked about the environment as   something different, but we are the environment, the non-human elements are our environment, but we are the environment of the non-human elements, so we are one with the environment. We are the environment. “

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Again, Thich Nhat Hanh is clear in his words, clearly in the language that describes his reality. In reality, we are the environment. In reality, we are not separated from anything around us. In reality, we are Reiki.

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