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The first word that comes to mind for me in how the mantras and symbols have changed my life is balance.  The dictionary defines balance as “the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall”.  When taken literally of course, this would mean to fall over in a physical sense.  However, translated a bit differently, it may mean falling emotionally, spiritually, or mentally.  That of course, is how much of my life was before Shinpiden.  Although I had been practicing Reiki for many years, my focus was always on doing Reiki for others, and I found myself often feeling over-extended and stressed.

After taking the Shinpiden class, it was quite a transition for me to use the mantras and symbols in such a different and insightful way.  In the Western Reiki classes, I had learned that the symbols must be activated and changed the effect of the energy.  CKR was used to increase the power of Reiki and one needed to draw it over and over again prior to a treatment.  SHK was used for emotional and mental healing for others.  HSZSN was used to send Reiki to others over a distance (and even was recommended as a tool for exorcisms), and DKM for attunement purposes.  These all seemed like very magical concepts and although I used them diligently, I always had difficulty with comprehending how they worked. When I learned that the symbols were for me as a focus for my intention and had no magical powers on their own, things became so much clearer.  It suddenly all made sense.  What I love about this system is it’s simplicity.

Using CKR with it’s associated mantra has been elemental in helping me in becoming grounded and focused.  Sitting in meditation and chanting CKR and  “becoming” that energy and sitting with the vibration is so soothing and healing. When I feel scattered or ungrounded, this is the symbol that I always return to.  Even after eight months, I am still using CKR on a daily basis.  This past summer I spent quite a bit of time outside in the evening doing my meditations.  It helped me to solidify and connect with the feeling of oneness and to understand that I am part of the energy of the universe. Listening to the cicadas and tree frogs and focusing on CHK, I felt as though I could feel the pulse of the universe within the palms of my hands.

Through this grounding work with the symbols and mantras, I am not having that typical knee jerk reaction that I used to have when obstacles (or perceived obstacles) are put in my path.  I’m able to take a deep breath and look at things from a broader prospective and more a compassionate heart.  I can just “be” and not have that agonizing worry that used to always be with me.  Not to say, that in my humanness I don’t at times fall back into old patterns, but I now have the ability to recognize those patterns and regroup.  Coworkers have noticed the difference and have commented about me not “freaking out” about things anymore.  In the past the thought of public speaking would throw me into an instant panic attack.  Now when I do presentations I consciously think to myself, “where is that  panicky little feeling I’m so used to” and it doesn’t come and I have to smile to myself and I can just breathe!

Working with SHK and it’s mantra have allowed me to truly trust my intuition and I have no fear on following through on what I intuitively know is the right path for me to follow.  Connecting with this energy has made me able to pursue those little nudges that I get to pursue projects that previously may have made me falter and doubt my choices.

These teachings have also brought to light many other areas of my life.  Allowing me to let go of fear.  Fear of inadequacy, fear of judgment (for myself and others), fear of what I might do incorrectly, and fear of life itself and the unknown.  These worries and fears have been with me for fifty-six years, and in the past have had an impact on my life – and sometimes in not such positive ways. I would get stuck and feel physically and mentally immobilized.  My way of dealing with that was to try to control everything in my life.  Using the mantras and symbols in meditation has allowed me to be able to be more in the moment of life and not always looking back in worry or fretting about the future. I am now more able to allow things to unfold naturally instead of trying to manipulate the outcome of a situation into something that I specifically wanted to happen.

In the past when working with clients, I had always had some type of expectation for a specific outcome when doing my Reiki sessions.  If they had pain, my intention was for the pain to dissipate, if they had fears, it would be for the fear to leave them.  In the past I was sometimes worried during a session.  What was the client thinking?  What if their pain didn’t go away?  What if I was doing something wrong? Now, I can just allow myself to be the energy.  No expectations.  Just sit with the energy and exchange it with my client, always with the intention of allowing it to go wherever it is needed. Just being.

HSZSN and it’s mantra have brought a whole different purpose in the way I connect with my Reiki done from afar.  This oneness that I am able to feel brings such a strong bonding with the energy and the person, place, or thing I am working with.  Knowing this lovely heart energy has filled me with compassion and love and a deeper understanding of how to release my self-condemnation and poor self-esteem.  Allowing this energy to work on my heart has been very healing for me in learning to let go of past beliefs about myself.

This balance within myself has brought renewed vigor and purpose to my Reiki practice and continues to create wonderful things in my life.  It has allowed me to move forward with greater confidence in all that I do in every aspect of my life.   In my work as a registered nurse, I face daily challenges of being in a very stressful environment.  There were many times in the past when I would come home and bring that stress with me.  I now feel that I am in a much stronger place emotionally, physically, and mentally and am able to effectively reach out to others in a much more grounded way.

Helene Williams is an International House of Reiki Shinpiden graduate and runs

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  1. Avatar of Anka Bosanac

    Beautiful article. Thank you for sharing. I used to be in the same ‘trap’ of caring more for others than myself by focusing more on giving treatments than doing self-treatments.
    It comes again and again to the same point: self-practice, polishing diamonds and using Reiki symbols and mantras as tools only. While we need them. Best wishes and more of great articles!

  2. Avatar of Liesl
  3. Avatar of Seema Sahoo

    Thank you Helen for sharing your insights and wonderful blog.

    If only we can follow the path step by step slowly we will be able to help clear everything . Thank you for the reminder that I need to be patient and stick with it.

    There is a very nice couplet by Kabir Das , Indian poet which goes some thing like this—-

    “What is the fault of the spiritual path, when the traveler doesn’t travel in right lane? He leaves his own road and walks down to the deserts and blames on the path that it is not taking him to the destination. “

    So , I think we also just need to stick with it and slowly all will fall in place.



  4. Avatar of Frans Stiene

    Hi Helene,

    Great article.
    It is so important to internalize the teachings so that we can embody Reiki.
    And the more we embody it the more we can help others. But we always have to start from our own inner journey.

    Just read this wonderful quote:

    “Enlightenment is possible only in that one way – from the inside.”
    Tai Situ


  5. Avatar of Michele

    Wonderful article.  I agree with the feeling stronger emotionally, spiritually and physically from the daily practice.  Your article reminds me to be gentle and patient with myself on this journey.

  6. Avatar of Helene Williams

    Thank you to everyone for your very kind comments.  Each day this Reiki journey brings me something new and wonderful.  Thank you for being part of it!

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