Making the Connection between Human and Animal Healing

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I remember as a new mother being told by my modern chiropractor (she wasn’t the bone cracking type) that for the first few years of my daughter’s life her health would be directly related to my own.

This made sense. We were once one, and, although now two, our lives were dependent upon each other.

I needed her with a passion that sometimes felt a little insane. I imagined losing an arm or a leg would have been insignificant in contrast to losing her.

And she needed me for those basics of food, shelter and love.

As we progressed along our shared timeline I could see that, yes, our lives were definitely connected, and so was our health. If my daughter was unwell, my chiropractor would work on me. She would ask me, using kinesiology, to answer for my child. She would provide essences and minerals and all good things to me, and they worked… on my daughter.

Being so embroiled in understanding the system of Reiki, I had read much about Oneness and perhaps even felt glimpses of it. The concept was not new.

Yet the world can sometimes be too full of concept and not full enough of real meaning. Oneness with a capital O was a concept, oneness without any capitals was real life–nothing fantastical, just real, true life and meaning.

And it was this oneness that I was more consciously living as a mother with a child. 

With fresh eyes I began to see that if this reality of connection between a mother and a child existed, then, so too, it must with others. The levels of connection were boundless, and more intense the closer we came to them.

As we share our space in the world, we absorb, as if by osmosis, the oneness in and through us of everyone and everything. This understanding of the world can account for the ebbs and flows of a greater consciousness that crosses our imagined boundaries of national pride. It is also the foundation understanding of why practices such as distant healing work. 

I felt around me for this space to see where it might lead and was instantly reminded that it includes my animal friends, too; those we so intimately share our secrets, our bad days and our hearts with.

There is no bubble of me, alone. We are spirits reaching out through time and space to touch and be with the world, sometimes holding hands or stroking fur.

This is why, when an animal friend is sick, I am drawn to offer the healing space not only to the animal but also to the human friend.

As we allow the Reiki in, we watch the ripples unfold.

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(I couldn’t help adding a photo of two of my animal friends-Jasper and Mister)


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  1. Avatar of Seema

    Hi Bronwen,

    Thank you sharing this wonderful article.
    I like what you said about connection between you and your daughter.

    I relate to that , for the longest time and even now I have felt that I am connected to my daughter off course I am because I am the mother and she is my flesh and blood but the connection seemed to me much much more deeper beyond words and boundaries of “normal social norms” that we create around us.

    My daughter is non verbal and I had to learn how to “understand and speak” and the only way it started to become possible was through the ” osmosis and one ness ” that you had mentioned in your article .

    We don’t have any animal pets but I know and feel the kids especially who are non verbal are like “animals” , open , expansive , sensitive , they speak to us in a way that we “humans” don’t as we relay on “verbal language”  and yes Reiki practice has taught me how to be more “open and communicative” with her.

    “distant healing” is what “works” for her , she is sensitive with no layers on her …!

  2. Avatar of Bronwen

    Hi Seema,
    Lovely to hear from you again.
    Yes, having a non-verbal daughter must be extraordinary in so many ways. You must have learnt a great deal about consciously connecting without relying on words. That’s very special! I’m glad your daughter enjoys the “distance” healing.

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  4. Avatar of Susan

    Hi, Bronwen and Seema,
    Thank you both for sharing these experiences with all of us!  I just received a call from my daughter, asking, what to do for her daughter who has had a fever for the past two days.  The connection, caring and concern continues beyond the one generation into the next.
    Seema, it sounds like you have a beautiful connection with your daughter!  We all ‘talk’ in different ways and the language of love easily translates without words.

  5. Avatar of seema sahoo

    Thank you Susan, for your kind words.
    Yes , love doesn’t need any words or language.
    Today I met a patient who has 2 kids with mental disability and she said to me Seema , for the most part when we speak ( using words/language) we are not really true and honest.

    We might be saying some thing but in our mind we are thinking some thing, so in reality is we think of communication just by spoken words we really don’t know how to communicate and I think Animals teach us that and so does special kids :).


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