Tale of an Enduring Promise

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Blooming into the deep abyss of my being, a light.
Grounding throughout the weight on my body, an intent.
Pounding from the shape of my heart, a thought…

Flowing toward the vastness of the universe, an energy.
Showing at the new horizon on the day, a path.
Feeling from the very end of my being, a melody of unison…


Firmly sitting of a rock, Gazing at a view I cannot see,
Waiting for something to unlock,
Knowing it can only depend on me.

Feeling the rise of a tide
While standing lamely on the ground.
Knowing I cannot hide,
There is no turning around.

Hearing a strong call
That does not emit a single sound.
Longing to know it all
But also to lose what is found.


A shooting star travelling at the speed of light,
Illuminating the darkest of night.

Its heart carries the secrets of old and new.
Its hearth contains the dreams of here and now.

Its race only knows one pace.
Its destination rests in illusions.

With Might, destinies may lie in the stars that fill up our eyes.
In awe and fascination, may we stare with admiration?


A decision to make.
A choice I cannot seem to take.

Such folly to worry
About a glimpse of glory.

As I stand with admiration,
It then crumbles endlessly.
As it seems that gathered expectations,
Just got the best of me.

Even so, the best wisdom,
Will come from the kingdom
Of my own precious soul
That will not be granted new rules.


The joy of pleasure growth.
It seems my smile can only glow,
As I am touched by the flow
That only some depths of the soul know.

I want to be able to touch
The verge of the universe, so much.
And to be able to connect
In other ways than pure intellect.

You have been more than afraid.
Abide a body will not make you frail.
Just go on and lift that veil
To where you had been longing to sail.

Let me see the show
So the merging can be as slow.
Let me feel the abundance
Of such everlasting radiance.

And once the veil of the fog lifts, what remains is the shadow,

The shadow of our truth,
The shadow of our search,
The shadow of our soul.

It connects us to the very deep of ourselves,

Where the healing takes places,
Where the hiding ends,
Where there can be light.

When we are stripped out of our ego, then the universe can grow.

The universe we share.
The universe we explore.
The universe that makes us glow with love, light, and shadow.


From this Otherworld,
These millions of words
Whisper to my ears
Just do not fear.

And I wonder where it came from.

Does it matter?
From within and not,
From inside and out.

The lesson to be learned
Is that the source is irrelevant
The flow is what is important.
The surge is what makes it connected.

Trust that the progress
Is made without any promise
That is will not digress,
That is will keep us as an eternal novice.

A prospect of being whole again, this is the promise this journey makes.

It may work smoothly as the flow of the meditative state.
Or come rushing in as only adrenaline can spring.

The longing of becoming what was one & only.
The fooling that it will happen in a fortnight.

The promise that each and one step will be worth it until the last breath

Marlene Telmosse completed the Writing on Spirituality with Reiki webclass and we are thrilled to be able to publish this piece that she created during the webclass.

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