Love letter to BrightHaven

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How we love BrightHaven, such a special place of care, compassion and wisdom. BrightHaven is a real animal sanctuary run by Gail and Richard and their supportive staff and volunteers.

“BrightHaven is a unique and progressive animal care organization, providing sanctuary to animals in need of specialized treatment and elderly care.  Brighthaven is also an education center for the community in holistic healing for animals and a rescue for animals most at risk for euthanasia.”

What we love about BrightHaven is that all the staff are living embodiments of  the precepts of the system of Reiki. They are so caring and compassionate about what they do and how they work with the animals.

We would love for someone to stand up and give BrightHaven the money and support they need so that Gail and Richard can continue their amazing work.

Frans remembers the first time he walked into BrightHaven, all the animals, some with no back legs but small wheels instead, lots of cats everywhere, the horses and the blind dog. And in the midst of this all were Richard and Gail, beaming with love and brightness, showing me around their Bright Haven.

We love you both for all you do in in this world to make it a better place for the animals you love so much.

Frans and Bronwen Stiene

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