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  • Reiki Podcast Interview “Japanese Arts and Ways – Part II”


H.E. Davey

This is Part II of a two part interview.

Frans and Bronwen Stiene continue their interview with the eloquent author H.E. Davey – founder and Director of the Sennin Foundation, a Center for Japanese Cultural Arts in California.

H.E. Davey presently is the highest ranking American in the Kokusai Budoin’s Nihon Jujutsu and Kobudo Divisions. He has received the traditional rank/title of Kyoshi from the Kokusai Budoin, a worldwide martial arts federation that is sponsored by Japan’s Imperial Family.

Mr. Davey is also on the Board of Directors of the elite Shudokan Martial Arts Association. This exclusive board is comprised solely of martial arts experts from various disciplines. Each board member must have at least twenty years of martial arts experience and a minimum rank of sixth-degree black belt (or a classical equivalent).

Moreover, Mr Davey has received extensive instruction in Shin-Shin-Toitsu-Do, a unique form of Japanese yoga founded by Nakamura Tempu Sensei in 1919. He has practiced directly under three of Nakamura Sensei’s senior disciples and is currently the sole American member of the Tempu Society, an organization founded by the late Nakamura Tempu Sensei.

Mr. Davey has also received comprehensive instruction in Nakamura Sensei’s methods of healing with Ki and bodywork, which he teaches as well. Mr Davey’s emphasis is on yuki, or the “transference of Ki,” as a way of aiding recovery from illness or injury.

In this interview he continues to answer indepth questions about Japanese Arts and Ways, helping listeners to gain a better understanding of their own Reiki practice from a Japanese perspective.

In Part II he talks in detail about:

  • Directly experiencing the hara
  • Benefits of working with the hara
  • Mind and Body unification
  • Working with Ki from a Japanese perspective
  • Common influences on Japanese Ways such as religion, and artistic and spiritual principles
  • The idea of Mu (void) and how it relates to Japanese art forms
  • Mu and its relationship to meditation
  • The distraction of effort and concentration Non-duality (funi)

H.E. Davey’s website.

Listen to Part II of Japanese Arts and Ways

You can order his most recent book here: Japanese Way of the Artist: Living the Japanese Arts & Ways, Brush Meditation, the Japanese Way of the Flower

H.E.Davey’s books are published by Stone Bridge Press. They have some fabulous books for those interested in Japanese Arts and Ways.

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  1. Avatar of seema

    Really like H.E. Davis explanation about Mu, non-duality and benefits of working with Hara on how it can help you to be in present.
    He says Effort distract us what is taking place in present , his example about how when you watch a movie you don’t have any issue concentrating as it’s so effortless you don’t have to do anything and you are just doing it without actually “doing it”, like “effortless conc.”
    Would need to listen to it several times before can understand, I might purchase one of his books to read.
    Thanks for this interesting interview.

  2. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  3. Avatar of seema

    Thanks Frans, Really like both the interviews , its lot to take it in, I listened to it few times and every time some thing new came. I will get the books then I will have more questions to ask 🙂 .

  4. Avatar of Sean

    I have just listened to these two webcast interviews and immediately placed my order for ‘The Japanese Way of the Artist’

  5. Avatar of Frans Stiene
  6. Avatar of Libby Farmer

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to both of these podcasts – found myself nodding a long to bits and saying ooh to others…….just ordered the book 🙂

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