Japan Reiki Tour with Frans as Guest Teacher

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Frans is a guest teacher on a 16 day Reiki Trip to Japan in November!

So excited to announce Oliver Drewes and the International House of Reiki Reiki Trip to Japan this November.

We will be taking 20 people on an amazing 16 day adventure in Japan, which includes a 3 day Reiki Retreat with Frans Stiene.

For more details and how to book a place, full is full, see the links:

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50% of Tickets are SOLD – get in quick!

During the 16-day trip, we visit the memorial stone of the Reiki founder Mikao Usui Sensei in Tōkyō, his birthplace in Taniai with the memorial stone erected there in September 2018, Mount Kurama, the site of his enlightenment experience, Mount Hiei, the site of his Buddhist exercises and Kyōtō, where he practiced Zazen meditations for over three years. In addition, we visit the ancient imperial city of Nara and the shrine of the Meji Emperor, from whose Gyosei poems Usui Sensei selected 125 for the Reiki practice.

Other stops include the coastal town of Atami, where Chūjirō Hayashi had his country site house and ended his life, as well Fuji Mountain, whose ascent Japanese Reiki teacher Hiroshi Doi Sensei likes to compare to the path of Reiki. During the trip we have opportunities for sightseeing (Tōkyō, Kyōtō), onsen spa (Atami, Kurama) and shopping (Tōkyō and on the way).

On three days, a retreat* “How Japanese spiritual teachings formed and influenced the system of Reiki” with Frans Stiene will take place in the Kyōtō area. On one day it is planned to participate in an exchange meeting with Japanese Reiki practitioners in Ashiya near Kyōtō.

* = period of relaxation/stress relief and spiritual practices outside the usual environment.

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