Is Reiki a Cure for Death?

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Yesterday we received two messages.

One was from someone telling us that her mother had died. She wrote to tell us because we had been sending Reiki to her mother who was very ill and in the final stages of her life. The daughter was so thankful for the Reiki that her mother had received.

The other message was from someone asking what Reiki could cure.

This is what we answered: Reiki doesn’t cure. It is a self-development practice. So, it can make you feel better, more whole, which in turn naturally affects your health. It can help you gain a different understanding of your health and feel better about yourself.

We were then asked: So, it can help us lead a happy life?

Our answer: It can support us in this. There will always be good and bad things happening in our lives, no matter what we do… but we need to learn to deal with them better, don’t you think? For example, dying is a natural part of human existence, but to die well is something that many of us find difficult. We can die well in the same way that we can live well. Reiki can help us move toward this understanding and then support us in accomplishing it.

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