Is Distant Healing only for Reiki Level II practitioners?

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The question this week comes from a Reiki teacher who began to question how she taught and explained the practice of “distant healing” to her students. Here’s her question:

Q: I know obviously that in Reiki II we are given the distant healing symbol of HSZSN to work with but are we not capable of distant healing at any level? I know that you teach that intent is of the utmost importance so I have been struggling with the concept that we wait till we receive HSZSN and then can connect to perform distant healing. Surely if we are Reiki and put our intent behind Reiki going to a certain situation or person then it will? Does being able to use and connect with HSZSN just enhance this ability, ie when we have become/or can become HSZSN does that then just facilitate ease of distant healing?

A: ”Distant healing” is a natural human ability and can be performed at any level – whether we have completed a Reiki course or not – all we need is our intent. But how do we strengthen our intent to make this “distant healing” more successful?

When we begin working with the system of Reiki, the ability to focus our intent might be not all that clear due to our habits, fears, worries etc…

In Okuden, Reiki Level II, we learn three symbols and mantras. The last of these is taught as a “distant healing” symbol. The true purpose of this symbol and mantra is to create Oneness within ourselves.

The more we go into this space of Oneness, the clearer our intent becomes. At this stage our “distant healing” practice alters. The deeper we go into our own being using the Reiki symbols and mantras, the more we can connect to the concept of Oneness within ourselves and the easier “distant healing” becomes. At this point distance disappears.

HSZSN is about creating Oneness within ourselves and the more we function in that space of Oneness, the easier it is to connect to others.

The aim of Okuden is to develop this space of Oneness.

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