Inviting Happiness and Many Blessings

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andrew 招福の秘法

(Secret Art of Inviting Happiness/Many Blessings) 


(Spiritual Elixir/Medicine of Many Illness) 

These two lines are an introduction of sorts to the five precepts in Usui Reiki Ryoho. They are not often mentioned or included in most readings of the precepts, but contain a vital piece of understanding how to approach your Reiki practice. 

Rather than grasping, channeling, or otherwise manipulating energy, Reiki is a method that allows us to invite (招) happiness/ good fortune / many blessings (福). This happiness, these many blessings are also the medicine for many illnesses. Worded another way, inviting this peace of mind is a method (Ryoho 療法) of dealing with many stresses and overall dis-ease.

How does one invite happiness?

Embodying Reiki

Embodying Reiki by working with the system of Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho). Let’s go a bit further with that and explore what that really means.

More than just only treating illness, the aim of Reiki is to invite happiness and peace of mind. With a clear and open heart/mind we settle our own inner space / “inner universe”. We accomplish this by working with the tools; hands-on healing, meditations, gokai, Reiju, etc. Eventually with settling the stresses in our body and mind, we allow space to open our heart/mind (kokoro 心) and heal with (merge with) the greater universe. This is what it means to Embody Reiki.

Embodying Reiki in every moment is all about working daily to open your heart/mind (kokoro) of wisdom (intuitive light) and compassion (warmth) and ultimately healing (uniting) with the Universe.

By working constantly with these tools, we learn to establish a stable and open mind. A good analogy here is a flower or young tree in the soil. By first establishing deep and strong roots, the tree or flower can take in nourishment without fear of tipping over or blowing away.

With this strong and stable base, we have discernment and freedom to grow and let go. Freedom to grow with clarity and to release unhelpful habits such as dishonesty, greed, fear, worry, and stress. Freedom to grow with peace of mind and to let go of expectation of fixing this or that. Freedom to let nature take its course. Freedom to create space for happiness and many blessings.

Basically the winds of life continue to blow as always. We learn to respond appropriately; to bend and flex but maintain balance (equanimity) with our feet on (roots in) the ground.

From here we learn to open up more and more to the universe. We heal (come together) in a deep and profound way. We learn how to be Reiki (spiritual essence/energy) and share this with others. This is how we invite happiness and many blessings. This is also how we should practice hands-on healing with others; with a clear and open mind, free of distraction and judgment.

With less filters and shades of judgment, diagnosis, opinion, and distraction, allowing our inner universe and outer universe to be one in the same and shine brightly without hindrance.

When we are not distracted by the mind (thoughts, judgments, troubles) or the body (heat, sensations, etc.), but open and aware enough to be and live naturally/intuitively with compassion and wisdom, we can share the blessings of honestly, love, gratitude and humility. This is akin to how the sun shines without judgment but just “is”, allowing everything to take what is needed.

Now let’s be honest here and understand while this all sounds nice and mushy, it’s hard work. It takes persistence and daily discipline. It takes awareness of your mind and its habits. It takes strength to be peaceful and endure the inevitable flow (ups and downs) of life. It takes balance to learn how to surf.

Initially, it’s hard to be patient and let the pretty widdle flower grow and bloom. Sometimes we want to pry it open and get to the good stuff (the nectar of enlightenment, perfect peace, ki healing and health, stress-free living, etc.). Sometimes life feels like a weed-wacker. Sometimes you want to be able to simply let go of stress, but old habits die hard.

Sometimes you are expected to behave in a way that’s really not helpful, but you eventually succumb to social pressure. Everyone is angry sometimes, that’s just being human right?! Sometimes a loved one is sick or dying and you don’t trust nature to take its course. Damnit, they are sick and I know all this healing mumbo jumbo, why can’t I heal them?!

Even after time and practice, after patting yourself on the back, feeling like an accomplished meditating Reiki practicing spiritual bla-ha guru of the universe, it’s easy to forget this. It happens to all of us.

This is precisely the time to be humble and step aside. Get out of your own way (of conditioned habitual ignorance), let go of those old ways of Being, invite happiness, equanimity and let your True Self / Bright Light shine.

Every moment you practice, you are adding to the bank. When the bill collector of life comes up for payment, you’ll have more than enough (Peace of Mind, Reiki, Love, etc.) to share and you won’t be worried about it.

Take these words as an invitation to spend time on yourself. Show compassion to yourself. Let go of yourself and invite happiness / many blessings. Be your True Self. Share and shine this bright light indiscriminately.

 Andrew Anders is a Shinpiden graduate and founder of Michigan Reiki

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