Integrating the System of Reiki into Daily Life Podcast

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  • Reiki Forum Podcast “Integrating the System of Reiki into Daily Life” 46 minutes

    As a holiday treat for all of our readers we have created a podcast on the subject of “Integrating the System of Reiki into Daily Life”. Bronwen Stiene talks on this subject with a forum of Reiki Teachers who have blogged for our website, in recent times. The subjects covered include what to practice as a daily self-practice and why you would want to practice at all. Find out how – through your self-practice – university students, yoga practices, the corporate world, and animals, can all be supported by you. Listen as the forum participants discuss how integrating the system requires mindfulness and consistency, with the result being a great joy in life. Below are the forum participants…

Zeynep Yilmaz 09sm Zeynep Premdasi Yilmaz, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Business woman from Cincinnati.

kellymsm Kelly McDermott Burns, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner from HeartSong Reiki in Vermont.


Sundar 2 Sundar Kadayam, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and Businessman from Cincinnati.


Joycesm Joyce Leonard, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner from Santa Cruz.


kathleensm Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Teacher and Practitioner from San Francisco.


frans100 Frans Stiene, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner from Sydney, Australia.





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    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I find that my style of practice incorporates some or all of your individual habits. The results have been profound. Happy practicing to all…a very lovely gift indeed:-)

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