Inamoto Hyakuten’s Australian Visit

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A traditional Japanese Reiki Master’s visit in 2003

We were honoured to have Reiki Master Inamoto Hyakuten, from Kyoto, with us in Australia at the end of May 2003. This is the fisrt time a traditional Japanese teacher has taught in Australia.

Frans and Bronwen Stiene had met Inamoto san in Japan in 2001 and were so impressed with his honest and open style of teaching that they invited him to Australia to teach. In an effort to promote traditional Japanese teachings about the system of Reiki rather than new age influenced teachings his visit means a lot to the Australian Reiki community.

Inamoto san is a Buddhist monk in Japan and is very happy to meet with Westerners who would like to learn more about traditional styles of Reiki. He studied with Yamaguchi Chiyoko, a student of Hayashi. Hayashi studied with Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki.

Inamoto san met many Australian Reiki practitioners at his evening talk on ‘Reiki in Japan’. Over the next week he taught two groups of Reiki Masters his form of Reiki called Komyo Reiki. Many of these masters will now be teaching this or incorporating it into their classes around Australia (and Argentina!).

Included in his courses was information about the traditional Japanese elements such as the four original symbols and mantras and their cultural and philosophical meanings. Reiju (the forerunner to what is called an attunement in the west) was performed and taught to all present.

Inamoto san can be reached in Japan at this email address: [email protected]

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