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In Hiroshi Doi’s book Iyashi no Gendai Reiki Ho we find a statement about Mikao Usui’s teachings. Below we find the Japanese text from Doi-san’s book, which he took from a  “Leaflet of Reiki Ryoho –Members Only” 会員のみに配布する霊気療法のしおり This leaflet was issued by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai when Wanami sensei was the 5th president.

One of our students, Paul Guillory was so kind to translate it from his viewpoint.

臼井先生は「天地自然の真理に基づく修養は人間を大きくする」 と教えられ、「この心理を自分のものとして確信を持つならば、修練のいかんによっては自ずとその言動は宇宙と一体となり、また自然に、絶対無限の働きを現すことができるようになる。これがすなわち、人間本来の姿である」と教えておられます

Paul came up with the following: (his comments/adjustments are in brackets)

Usui Sensei was able to teach: Training founded on the truth of the natural world will make people great [spiritually]. When you hold on to this belief firmly as your own state of mind, [your] committed training will of itself yield to behavior (speech/conduct) that is one with the Universe. Likewise, by its own accord, the work of absolute infinity (limitless) will be able to become apparent [Limitless achievements will be able to be revealed/possible]. From this, specifically, you will be in the form of original human nature.

In short, Paul said he got the following:

Usui Sensei was able to teach that the original nature of a human being is to train in accordance with the universe so as to be able to act in fully accordance with the universe. One’s limitless abilities will then naturally be revealed (unfold).

While Paul was putting this all together he was reminded of an interview with Tohei Sensei (Aikido) who had a very similar statement in regards to physical interaction with another person:

It is mistake to think that aikido is a path through which you match your own ki with the ki of others… aikido is matching your ki with the ki of heaven and earth, rather than with the ki of other people. There is only one heaven and earth, and if we merge our bodies with that, then all people will come to merge with us.

Today I opened a book called: Mushotoku Mind – The Heart of the Heart Sutra by Taisen Deshimaru and read this wonderful passage:

He continued [Bodhidharma]: “If you have understood that this mind cannot be grasped, that you can neither limit it nor bend it to your will, if you give yourself up to the cosmic order, opening yourself, abandoning yourself to it, then true universal peace will manifest through your whole being, body and mind together.” This is Buddha’s fundamental teachings transmitted by all the great masters and patriarchs. It includes the Four Noble Truths and resolves the twelve innen, the twelve chains of interdependence.”

Bodhidharma’s statement; “give yourself up to the cosmic order”, is in fact the same as what Usui-san taught: “act in accordance to the universe”

We can see that all these masters say the same thing, let go of the ego and act in accordance with the universe because it is only in that state of mind that we Be Reiki/True Self, at one with the universe.

However to be able to do this we need to let completely go of the ego, the “I”. This is not about hands on healing on others but your own personal spiritual practice within the system of Reiki so that we truly can live and act in accordance with the universe.

Usui-san was teaching us to practice in accordance with the universe so that our limitless abilities will naturally be revealed, we can only do this through the meditations taught within the traditional Japanese system of Reiki.

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  1. Avatar of Lynn Pearen

    To be fully aligned with the cosmic order is what I strive for each day . Overcoming the ego, “I” is incredibly difficult as are the struggles with becoming too caught up with the have to do, and should do tasks of daily life.
    Finding this website has been immensely helpful. I look forward to the articles and never cease to receive new insight. Thank you Frans.

  2. Avatar of Cósima

    Thanks to this article, it synthesizes in a very comprehensive way by giving examples of teachers from different disciplines the importance of the spiritual uplifting practices of the traditional Reiki system, as the first condition for the development as a Reiki channel.

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