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This November Frans Stiene spent a number of weeks in the USA giving talks, holding a Reiki Retreat and teaching Reiki classes.

We have some lovely photos to celebrate these great Reiki events.

Reiki Talk at Joyce’s Santa Cruz Reiki Works

joyce1 joyce2

joyce3 joyce4

Joyce5 Joyce6


Sequoia Reiki Retreat 2013

joyce13e retreat13a retreat13d retreat13f retreat13g


New York Shinpiden Class 2013



Students’ Comments

Once again, the California retreat lead by Frans Stiene was like riding on a peace train roller coaster!  It was grounding and calming one minute and fun filled and thrilling the next moment.  
He truly knows how to engage his students while remaining remarkably humble.  
I learned and experienced so many more practices that I can use to deepen my own personal practice while becoming a better animal Reiki practitioner and teacher.
I am truly grateful for all the connections I made with so many beautifully unique individuals while being surrounded by a sequoia forest in this amazing nature haven! – Karren O’Sullivan, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thank you for a most amazing day at the the New York City Student intensive yesterday. The combination of the chanting, meditations, Reiju, and hands-on healing was powerful and uplifting. I am still riding that wave of positive and joyful energy… And of course, your wonderful sense of humor is always a delight! The day was exactly what I needed at this point in time, and I am grateful that you hold these special days for your students. – Sheryl Schlameuss Berge, USA

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. It was truly transformational. Peace. – CeCe, USA

I have to admit I came to this retreat concerned that I might be overwhelmed or that it would be way beyond the Reiki I’ve learned. But I was delighted to find that that was not the case. The practices Frans shared were so enlightening and I know they will transform my Reiki practice. The retreat has given me renewed dedication and excitement about the possibilities of healing for myself and others. A wonderful bonus was meeting such a delightful group of people, who literally amplified the energy throughout the retreat.  – Gretchen, USA

Happy, fulfilling, and inspiring. Thank you! Hope to continue my spiritual journey. – Ani, USA


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