If I don’t practice Reiki often on others do I lose my healing abilities?

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This week’s question taken from our website is a variation of a question that has been doing the traps for a number of years. It was probably instigated by some of the more New Age branches of Reiki who have taught the system of Reiki as if it is an almost magical practice that requires no personal input.

Q: If I don’t practice Reiki often on others do I lose my healing abilities?

A: The system of Reiki originally focussed on healing the self; becoming whole. As we become whole we affect those around us. Hands-on healing was developed to support this practice but it was not the entire basis for one’s self-healing.

So, practicing the system of Reiki is not so much about practicing on others but on yourself. The more you practice on yourself the clearer your energy becomes.

The best way to develop your own practice is to work with the five elements of the system of Reiki; receiving reiju, then practising meditations and techniques, meditating on the precepts, using hands-on healing on the self, and working with the symbols and mantras for one’s spiritual development. This is discussed in greater detail in:

The Japanese Art of Reiki

As with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you get at it. No one can wave a wand and turn you into something – it must come from you. Through self-responsibility you achieve self-empowerment. No one can give or take this away from you.

So, keep practicing on yourself and your practice will certainly develop and strengthen. Helping others with the system of Reiki is a wonderful practice but is not at the foundation of your personal development work.

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