How to use The Reiki Sourcebook with Students

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the reiki sourcebookTeachers have been contacting us from many different countries and branches of Reiki to tell us that they love The Reiki Sourcebook and will be using it as a standard source material textbook for their students. Have a look below for ideas on how to use this book with your students.

The Reiki Sourcebook has been updated in 2009 and is now divided up into sections Reiki Past, Reiki Present and Reiki Future and includes new sections such as Reiki and Global Warming.

It is possible to buy books in bulk from your national distributor and sell them to students at the recommended retail price.

It is a reference book, a compendium, an illustrated guide, an encyclopedia and even a manual.

Why not buy it in bulk and (if you aren’t selling them) GIVE them to your students – just include the cost in the course fee. This supplies them with the best possible grounding in the system of Reiki that they can possibly receive.

To complete your, and your students, training don’t forget to check out The Japanese Art of Reiki if you are wanting your students to know more about the Japanese aspects of the system and how to practice them.

The 40 Page Glossary

  • Quickly research Reiki facts – any fact….
  • Find Reiki related names of people (historical and modern) with their basic information
  • Find Reiki Branch names
  • Find Reiki technique descriptions
  • Find symbol and mantra names and histories (both traditional and non-traditional)

The Lineage Chart

  • Trace your lineage through the historical chart to explain the History of Reiki clearly

Japanese Traditions and Reiki Levels

  • Discuss Japanese traditions to ground students in the Japanese culture
  • Know the levels that are practised in traditional forms of Japanese Reiki and their origins and show where what you teach today has evolved from

Scientific Research

  • Back up what you teach with scientific facts for technically minded students

Reiki Techniques from all Branches

  • Know where the techniques you teach originate from and what their influences have been
  • Compare traditional techniques with modern versions to see the changes that have taken place
  • Show the concept of techniques through the illustrations provided


  • Use this unbiased (fully footnoted) research into the origins of the system of Reiki in Japan and the West

Worldwide Associations, Schools, Newsletters and Internet Resources

  • Find contact details easily of other practitioners for students who are moving
  • Find Reiki support for family overseas
  • Direct students who wish to be a member of the larger Reiki community

Mikao Usui Memorial Stone Translation

  • For teaching the history of Reiki an excellent translation of the memorial Stone is irreplaceable

Buy The Reiki Sourcebook here

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