How do I stop bad things happening in my life?

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A question we received this week was “How do I stop bad things happening in my life?”

I guess we all feel like this at certain times in our lives and we really do want to be able to enjoy life. But it is often how we see our lives that makes the difference.

We can’t stop things from happening – life is an up and down road. BUT if we are strong in ourselves we deal better with these ups and downs. A system like Reiki can teach you techniques to build your inner strength to support self-empowerment. If you are strong within yourself, what others say and do has less “negative” effect on you and you can continue on the path that you choose without being weakened, discouraged or drawn into a world where you would rather not be.

The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing also has more information about the system of Reiki – what it includes and how you can use it to empower yourself.

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