How do I know my Reiki is working?

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This week someone who visited our website asked:

“How do I know my Reiki is working? Sometimes I don’t feel anything and sometimes neither does the other person I am treating.”

Working with Reiki is not necessarily about sensations. Sensations are a side-effect of the practice, not the practice itself. Whether you sense something or not is unimportant – what is important is that you work with the energy and allow it to do what it needs, not what you think it should do. If you come into the system of Reiki with expectations you will surely be disappointed as Reiki is not about what we expect or want it to do. The hardest part of a Reiki practice is to learn to let go. This goes for you and the people you treat.

To learn this you need to actually continue to work with Reiki and the practice will teach you these lessons. You are your best teacher.

The system of Reiki consists of 5 elements and these are the Reiki precepts, meditations/techniques, symbols and mantras, hand positions and the attunement. If you have studied and experienced all five of these elements then you will have the tools to begin a solid Reiki practice for your self-healing and self-learning. The most important thing within the system of Reiki is to practice.

Working with Traditional Japanese practices such as Hatsurei-ho on a daily basis is the best learning ground for you. Such a practice will strengthen your inner energy and allow you to channel more energy through your body. The more you practice the more effective you will become at this. There is more information about Hatsurei-ho here.

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    Thanks for helping me understand that we must not focus on the end result of the treatment, but we must be open to what it can do for us. This is a piece of helpful information to ensure that it will be effective for me. I will not be practicing it, but I will try and have it done on me since I have been feeling low at the moment which might have been caused by the stress at work.

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