How do I explain to my friends what Reiki is?

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Hi Reiki readers,

One of this week’s question on our website was…

Q: How do I explain what Reiki is to my friends?

A: It can be difficult to discuss something like a Reiki treatment or Reiki course with a friend if they have no personal experience of it.

In reality the best thing to do is let them experience it – offer them a brief (or not-so brief) treatment if you are trained in the system of Reiki or arrange a Reiki treatment for them if they are interested. Our centre offers Reiki Treatments by professional practitioners or by students who are studying to become professionals.

But, obviously, you will also want to be able to tell them something about what the system of Reiki is. Here is an article that helps explain the system in some detail.

In brief though, try this

“The system of Reiki is a Japanese practice that you can learn to help you relax and feel more connected to life. It also teaches you how you can perform hands-on healing treatments on others.”


“The system of Reiki is a Japanese practice which helps you to become less angry and worried, more grateful and true to your way and your being, and more compassionate to yourself and others.”

Keep it short and simple and people are more likely to want to try it out for themselves.

If you want to know more about Reiki treatments you can’t go past this book either:

Your Reiki Treatment

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